Friday, December 16, 2005

Train platform Friday 12/16/2005

Thought I’d better get to this early since I’m going to be in transit most of today!

This was taken at the train station near my house (four miles.) It’s a little pool of light in a dark rural area. We can hear the train whistle from our house, and the coyotes usually answer back.

D dropped me off at 5:10 this morning and I waited in the 32 degree dark. The train came on time at 5:30. Not so bad when you’re bundled up and there’s no wind. It’s 31 in Indianapolis, where I’ll be landing around 11:40 pm local time. It’ll be colder there by then.

Nice gentle ride in, which I take as a good omen for today. I have a four hour layover here at work. Thank goodness my in-box was empty this morning. I guess yesterday was the last-minute panic.

I decided not to bring my laptop with me in spite of the 8+ hours of travel time when I could use it. Just too heavy. I secured a table on the train and wrote notes about my fellow passengers and just had a good time. I do have writing materials and my USB drive with me, but taking a sanctioned break is going to feel good.

My mom & sister will already be in a hotel in Indy when I get there. We’ll stay the night and drive back early in the morning. I’m looking forward to this SO MUCH!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

In the Spirit Thursday 12/15/2005


Even the gas station is in the spirit. They decorated the weird little topiary-esque plants. Sweet.

Gassing up for D, because he’ll use the car while I’m gone. Off to snowy Indiana tomorrow afternoon. If I don’t have the patience to upload photos from there, I’ll save ‘em up for my return.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

On Pass Avenue Wed. 12/14/2005

It was a beautiful day yesterday when we walked down to the Smoke House restaurant for our Christmas lunch at work. Food and company were very good. It’s an old-Hollywood feeling place with big red booths and lots of dark wood. Decorated for Christmas within an inch of its life.

On the walk back… I dunno, I just wanted a couple of shots. My coworkers were nice enough to wait while I took them. This is outside Warner Brothers Studios.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

D's Guitar Tuesday 12/13/2005


The beautiful Martin D45. D’s pride and joy. Sitting on a stand in the living room.

There’s something about the sound of a guitar. Flattens out my brainwaves and heartbeats in a most pleasant way.

When I first met him, he didn’t have a TV. Just a guitar and an aquarium. I was very impressed. His music has brought us a whole world of friends and helped us get into camping with them.

I love to sing, but can’t play. Maybe one day.

M's Tree Enjoys the Videorocker Mon 12/12/2005


You really can’t tell from the photo, but this little Christmas tree my coworker brought in is really cute. We tried putting it against various backgrounds, and this showed the decorations the best…while not showing off our tacky office.

I could have cropped it down, but I think the tree looks expectant and comfortable on this chair.

Excuse me while I anthropomorphize everything in my life.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Materialistic much? Sunday 12/11/2005


Yeah, these are the new boots I bought. Silly, fun, comfy. I think I’ll be comfy in them on my flight to the frozen Midwest later this week.

Also, I was fooling around in this shot with my new camera’s self portrait mode. Portrait of the artist as a consumer.

Shopping - Saturday 12/10/2005


Okay, I admit it. I spent a lot of the day Saturday Christmas shopping. Thought I’d better grab a shot before I forgot. This is in a dressing room. I bought the berry-colored hoodie for myself!