Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mama Didn't Raise No Princesses - Saturday 1/20/2007

Well, I probably shouldn't speak for my sister, or for my brothers for that matter. But I, for one, am no princess.

I got up in the dark of the morning to get a glass of water--humidity has been so low here for so long--and when I came back to bed, I discovered I'd been sleeping on this eraser.

It was undeniable. It was right on top of the feather bed, which is on top of the foam, which is on top of the mattress. And it was still warm.


I would like to thank the kernal of corn for stepping in for the pea on such short notice. I couldn't find a pea anywhere around the house.

Not that that apparently means much.

For all I know, there could be dozens under the mattress.

Sebastian - Friday 1/19/2007

Big name. Little dog.

Sebastian hangs out downstairs with Jay. His name has not been changed, because although he's innocent, he doesn't need any protection.

Sebastian is an excellent poser, but never a poseur.

My Teddy Book - Thursday 1/18/2007

I almost always read in bed before going to sleep at night. Sometimes in the middle of the night when I can't sleep, I get my book off the nightstand, hold it open with one hand and turn the light out, and it helps me fall back to sleep.

So, yes. I cuddle books, not bears.

Don't worry. I know.

I'm tagging this TMI, aren't I?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Reflective Sky - Wednesday 1/17/2007

There was a lot of weather in the L.A. area. Snow in Valencia, where Hydra works, for the first time in 19 years! It was overcast most of the day in Burbank and one of my coworkers actually experience hail, but by the time I headed home it was clearing up.

Here's another cool little website: How Many of Me? You plug in your name and it tells you how many people in the U.S. have your first name, your last name, and both of your names.

Aw. No one has my maiden name. I gave it up, and that's that. My birth surname is fairly rare, only 660 in the U.S. according to this site.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How to Flatter Your Local Blogger - Tuesday 1/16/2007

I was exercising in the living room when Hydra got home from work last night. There were two trips in from the garage. There was rustling in the kitchen. Something was definitely up.

Oh my god! Do you get it?

It's all the food-holiday foods I was bemoaning weren't mine, plus flowers and my very own fig Newtons! (I actually like fig Newtons, but where's the drama in that? You writers will understand the creative license. And, truly, they are decidedly un-sexy.)

I laughed, I cried. It's everything I wanted and more. Finally, concrete proof that my writing has an impact in the world. (sigh)

Where's the grilled cheese, you may ask? I was happy to opt for sharing a caprese appetizer for my birthday dinner.

We went to the new Wences restaurant in Acton. I like a new experience, but I didn't have high hopes for this place. They serve Chinese, Italian and Mexican food in a very small space. I've been watching Gordon Ramsay for years and I didn't think any small place good do so many things well. Figured it would all come right out of the freezer. Dunno about the rest of it, but I chanced the special and had an amazing grilled trout with fresh tomatoes and capers. Beautifully cooked veggies and unremarkable spaghettini alfredo on the side. And the caprese was subtle and delicious.

What a great day! We're planning to go pick up the big gift next weekend. A digital Nikon single lense reflex. (Drumroll?)

[Note for people into photography: this image was "cartoonized" with Kodak's EasyShare software. I love this effect. It makes a dull photo kinda pop.]

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pleeeeeeeze Don't Make Me Wear the Hat - Tuesday 1/16/2006


Luna and I share a birthday! I totally agree with her. I'm more than willing to accept the treats and well-wishes, but I am not so much into the hat this year.

Luna got to go to the park at lunch time today. Hydra and I are going to try out the new restaurant in Acton. Maybe he'll take me to the new Acton Park, too! Toss me a Frisbee! No, really toss it!

Monday, January 15, 2007

I Would Let You Hold This - Monday 1/15/2007

I found this in a rock shop in Lone Pine. Of course it's not a rock, it's a piece of glass. When you turn it, the light moves in bands inside it. At one point, a circle of mottled white is reflected against the inner surface.

I think this is the thing that prompted my mother to comment, laughing, "You are almost decadent."

I guess because I buy small beautiful things that please me. I think it's good for us to spend a little money on something like this, especially if we are able to honor it by letting it bring us joy when we handle it.

It's like cupping the moon in the palm of your hand.

Yin and Yang - Sunday 1/14/2006

Double espresso and vanilla-bean cupcake. Sunday morning at the Barnes and Noble Cafe.

I Forgot My Camera! - Saturday 1/13/2007

And I don't know how to get the pictures off my cell phone. So you'll have to settle for this image from my hike in Franklin Canyon.

Gia and I spent most of the day together. Went for a hike. She made lunch back at her place. Then we brainstormed about the project we are working on together. Great way to spend a day. We expanded on her already brilliant idea.