Saturday, June 17, 2006

Venture to Ventura - Saturday 6/17/2006

We drove up to Ventura for the day. D needed to take his guitar up to a luthier there for repairs.

The fabulous heavy duty guitar case he bought to protect his fabulous guitar flopped shut unexpectedly and one of the latches took a bite out of the finish on the back. That, Alanis, is ironic.

We wandered around, tried out a South American restaurant—some of the food was great, but the ceviche was not ceviche. It was gaspacho with shrimp in it. Went to a couple of museums. Nice nice day.

Train Station 5:25 a.m. - Friday 6/16/2006

Took the train today for the first time since May. I’ve been able to work through lunch and leave an hour early for the past few weeks because we’re slow now. My leaving early won’t mean that a coworker has to cover something for me.

The moon was still up. Lovely morning.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Baby Squirrel con Quail - Wednesday 6/14/2006

MM wanted to see the baby squirrel, so here you go. It’s having a great time stuffing its cheeks with Dodger’s leftover seeds.

The funny thing about the squirrels is that they will sit and sort through the food, and come back and pick over it again, until it’s all gone. Why not just scoop it up at all at once and figure it out later? Nope, they want the best they can find every time!

I didn’t even see the quail in this shot till I looked at the review screen on my camera!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sunset walk


Didn’t pick up the mail on the way home, so I had to walk down to the mailbox, about 5 minutes there and back. Bonus! D went with me and then tugged me over to the cross road, and we walked all around the neighborhood for a half an hour. I’d almost forgotten we lived in a neighborhood, we get so enchanted with our own yard!

Sad moment: we found this dead snake in our yard, right by the road. I thought I smelled something! We wonder if it was run over on the road and sort of wriggled into the yard. Couldn’t see a head on it!

Ick, I clearly didn’t get all the snails out of the yard over the weekend. I intend to move this carcass up the hillside tonight. It’s still good coyote food, isn’t it?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stone Heart



Banana bowl - Tuesday 6//13/2006

So pretty. So functional.

And good for you, too.

A Clutter of Clips - Monday 6/12/2006

That must be the plural for clips.

Don’t you think?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Snails. Why'd it have to be snails? - Sunday 6/11/2006

EEEEEEEEK. I spent about an hour picking snails off the wall, from behind the wall, from under the damp ground cover. More than 3 liters of snails (I collected them in old bottles).

Even though I used disposable gloves, just washing wasn’t good enough. I had to have a shower.

These empty shells I found are the invertibrate equivalent of mounted deer heads.

I read somewhere recently that the Brown Garden Snail was introduced to California in the mid-1800s as a possible food source for San Franciscans. So I guess we could just wait for them to reproduce again and throw a big ol' escargot fest.

Not bloody likely.

Star Jasmine - Saturday 9/10/2006

After the work, I sat in the shade created by the star jasmine that runs up one of the porch poles and had an ice chai. Mmmm.

Yard Project - Saturday 6/10/2006

We had let stuff accumulate back here because no one can really see it but us. Old PVC pipes, the frame from a broken glass-topped patio table, our old front door. Eeek!

We carted away the junk last weekend, and this weekend I spent a couple of hours clearing out leaves and rearranging the concrete pieces that we aren’t going to get rid of, but aren’t using yet. It’ll be a nice place to sit outside in the heat of the summer!

Joe's Cafe - Friday 6/9/bonus

Do you recognize this? It’s the cafe from Steven Speilberg’s great TV movie, Duel (1971). It’s been expanded and it’s now a nice French restaurant, Le Chene. Always seems to be busy, even though it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere.

Here's a photograph of it from the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society's wonderful website. This is what it looked like c. 1923.

Camel on Sierra Highway - Friday 6/9/2006

Some one dresses this camel up for every holiday. It’s ready for the 4th of July. I think the military probably used to train with camels out this way somewhere.

I need to take pix of this camel in it's various get-ups throughout the year.