Thursday, June 01, 2006

Yellow House - Wed. 5/31/2006

There are flowers in this window. That’s what made me stop and take the photo. But I liked the long shot better.

This is probably actually an apartment building, but it made me think of the wonderful song “Little Yellow House” by Susan Werner.

This little yellow house
Has too many rooms
Too many rooms, too many rooms
This little yellow house
Has too many rooms
And I sit all alone and cry

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Waiting for the Bus - Tuesday 5/30/2006

I took a different route home yesterday because I stopped for a haircut and to pick up dinner from Pinochio’s (lasagna for D, penne with sausage and peppers for me). Something about these two people, probably strangers, talking on this bench struck me. That’s the thing you miss when you drive…connnecting with people you don't know.

I've been driving most of the time again since work is slow and I can sometimes leave early. I miss the train, but I can't leave early because it doesn't run all the way to Acton earlier in the afternoon.

Impressive Parking - Monday 5/29/2006

When we took our camper trailer back to the storage lot (on part of our Homeowners Association land), I was impressed with this new rig and with how close it was parked to the fence.

It was a wonderful weekend, with terrific weather every day. Lucky us!

Hanging Out - Sunday 5/28/2006

We took Dodger and Rocky outside in their cages for the first time on this trip, too. They’d both been pretty spooked before about being in the trailer at all. But now they’re getting to be old hands, and they both seemed to be thrilled to be outside.

Friends stopped by to chat and sing along with D’s playing. Dodger tooted along and laughed a lot.

Survivor - Friday 5/26/2006

There were 3-4 lizards hanging out on this log across from our campsite.

A couple of them tussled and then did push-ups while they looked at each other. Little reptilian Stallone and Schwartzenegger.

This guy lost part of his tail somewhere along the way!

View from our Campsite - Thu. 5/25/2006

We were able to get to the campground and get set up before dark! We’ll be here until Monday!

Madonna of the Succulents - Wed. 5/24/2006 bonus

On a table outside S’s front door.

Cactus Flower - Wednesday 5/23/2006

On S’s front patio. It's bigger than my hand!

The Park Along the Way - Tuesday May 23

On my way to the writing group. Lovely evening light.

(Oh, I have so much catching up to do here!)