Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This Man is Dying - Wednesday 8/16/2006

Not today. Probably not for many, many days and nights. But what he’s doing to his body isn’t good.

While I sat waiting for the light to change, I saw him shudder violently and then settle back.

Is this the end of a trip or the beginning? I don’t know enough about it to venture a guess.

Some drugs reach into a person’s soul and become inextricably tangled in the fissures.

Our Stuff - Tuesday 8/15/2006

I noticed yesterday how all of us at the coffee house sit down and spread our little talismans around us.

I claimed my space with: my cell phone, my notebook, my fountain pen, a cup of coffee, a stir stick, a copy of the book The Resiliant Writer and my camera.

What do you mark your territory with?

This Can't Be Legal - Monday 8/14/2006

This guy was actually driving this duct-taped together vehicle on the 5 freeway Monday afternoon. Did it come from Michigan in this condition?

The whole rear end is fabic and cardboard!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Tomato Progress - Sunday 8/13/2006

Peeking in through the leaves. This one’s way ahead of the rest!

More Trail Shadows - Saturday 8/12/2006

Hydra and I went out for another early evening hike.

It was good and head-clearing.

I went to a funeral earlier in the day. A writer friend’s mother passed away after she’d taken care of her for 7 years. Alzheimers.

The service was made up of people getting up and speaking about the deceased and her daughter. La Loca, as we’ll call her, was beautiful in a mohawk haircut that shows off her incredible bone structure. Her girlfriend and their six-year-old daughter got up and spoke of the things they loved about grandma. It was moving and quiet, and a good commemoration of a life.

My friend, the Elegant E, and I went together. It was more personally emotional than either of us expected.