Friday, April 07, 2006

Bean Cleaning


I keep saying that one of the things I like about my job is that I learn something everyday. I think it's true, but I've decided to keep a log of these fabulous tidbits for a month just to see what sort of stuff is actually accumulating in my brain. A lot of it is really esoteric.

Like today’s thing: there is an SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code for the business of “bean cleaning.” Which means there must be enough bean cleaners out there to make a difference in the business world. They’re listed under the general classification of “crop preparation services for market, except for cotton ginning.”

Not the sort of thing I plan to drop into casual conversation any time soon, but something I know today that I did not know yesterday. And which will probably come to mind along with the codes for “eating places” and “drinking places,” which I probably use dozens of times a week in coming up with fictional restaurant names.

I wonder, are there kids out there pining to one day become bean cleaners? Are you, perhaps, contemplating tossing in the towel of your complicated profession and even now considering the simple pleasures of bean cleaning?

[photo from the Internet]

Pink Shirt - Friday 4/7/2006

This pink silk woman’s shirt was lying on the grassy strip between the sidewalk and Riverside Drive this morning as I walked to work from the shuttle stop. People might park here to go to the copy shop, the travel agent, the beauty salon, the acting studio, or the coffee house.

I can think of a lot of stories to go with this. How about you?

Back to Work - Thursday 4/6/2006

Sorry. Not too inspired. Still under the weather. Working all day contributed to neither my health nor my creativity.

Leaving Newhall Station on the way home.

Sick Day #2 - Wednesday 4/5/2006

I got up and made myself some soup. I was actually conscious enough to watch old movies on TCM.

These are the plants that are taking refuge in the master bathroom bathtub. We’re still having frost, so they’re not getting out to the porch again for another week or two.

Sick Day - Tuesday 4/4/2006

This was my view most of Tuesday. So very very ill with a nasty head and chest cold.

House Finch - Monday 4/3/2006

Admittedly, this photo is more about the scene effects than it is about the bird. I was beginning to come down with a cold.

This feeder hangs on the garage wall outside our kitchen window.

Bird In A Box - Sunday 4/2/2006

Dodger likes to play inside old wine boxes. They have enough room that we can put his big toys inside, so he has to push and pull them out.

He loves the blue plastic elephant watering can that he stole from me.

Hiking for Breakfast - Saturday 4/1/2006

No fooling!

We went to see Lily Tomlin at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center Friday night. Our friends, T & M came up for the event. The show was a lot of fun. Tomlin’s very personable and, of course, funny.

Saturday monrning, we hiked over the hill to get breakfast at Crazy Otto’s. This is M trying to get out of the picture. Too late!