Saturday, October 04, 2008

How Clean Was My Cupboard?

I was in the midst of reorganizing my kitchen cabinets when Dodger went missing. Where could he be?

Turns out, he'd claimed this one as his own. He's swinging his head back and forth in full on defensive mode.

I meant to take a photo of this cabinet post-reorg, but haven't gotten around to it. It's so much less cluttered now.

Oh, and the parrot infestation has been taken care of.


It's been hot hot hot for far too long.

This morning we finally had some cool weather and clouds. Even a little smattering of rain.

I love the way the clouds play hide and seek around the mountains across the valley.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Palm Wednesday

Just because I thought you needed to see this.

Those are palm trees reclining on a trailer. You can understand why I didn't frame the picture a little better.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Figgy Wonders!

When's the last time you found a surprise in your lunch?

For me it was today!

Braveheart packed up some of the lovely curried chicken and rice that she made for our writing group last night and put the containers in a nice little bag for me. When I unloaded it this morning, I found an extra container with these excruciatingly yummy little figgy pastries she made.

Heavenly with coffee.

Thanks, Braveheart

Monday, September 29, 2008

Water from the Sky! - Monday 9/29/2008

I was sitting in Starbucks on Pass Avenue when the news first reached me. Water was falling from the sky!

Lest you think I'm kidding you, here's how it went.

Barrista: "How'd you get that water on your shirt."

Customer: "It's raining!"

In September. In L.A. county.

By the time I got to a television in anticipation of Drizzle Watch '08, it was all over.

But oh, what a time it was while it lasted. (And little did we know that the sky was about to fall on Wall Street.)

Stencil Art in L.A.

Found in a Starbuck's parking lot on La Brea.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Few Words About Ironing - Sunday 9/28/2009

I am not much of an ironer. If it has to be ironed, it probably doesn't belong in my closet. I have to like something an awful lot--like this lightweight cotton blouse--to put myself through the pain and humiliation of ironing.

Really. I'm one of those people who irons one side of the shirt sleeve only to press creases into the other side. I get done and it hardly looks any better than when I started.

Sometimes people say they think I have great patience and concentration to be able to write, but honestly they would not admire me in the least if they saw me ironing.

I guess I knew when I bought it that the light cotton shirt might bring me grief. But I think that the capri pants in the foreground here really sent the wrong message. I mean, honestly, with a pattern like that and little ties at the waist and cuff, they absolutely coo that they'll be fun.

If they'd given me the slightest hint that they would require that I iron all four cute little pocket flaps every time I wash them, they'd still be hanging on the rack at Kohl's.

You know what really busts my chops? Napkins that need to be ironed!

I guess most people don't use them every day, so they don't need to be ironed that often. But I switched to cloth napkins a long time ago. I reuse them for a few days, reducing paper waste.

The ones that are the most absorbant tend to need ironing to keep the seams straight. Usually I don't bother, but since the ironing board was out of its hiding place, I thought I'd give them the Ritz treatment.

Do you iron? Does it make you happy?

Oh...I ironed because my friend A&E invited me to see House of Blue Leaves with him at the Mark Taper Forum. It was a fun evening. We started with French dips at Philippe's.

Cool Thing: Philippe's is the birthplace of the French Dip Sandwich, and they're turning 100 in October. To celebrate they're turning prices back to 1908. This means 5 cent coffee and 10 cent sandwiches after 4pm. Wow! Click here for info, videos, etc.