Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Reason I've Been MIA - Thursday 9/28/2006

Actually, maybe I should have taken a photograph of my file drawer. Looking at these piles of scripts, you really don’t get a clear idea of the amount of work they generate.

It’s been a very busy week, and I would not have been able to leave after just nine hours yesterday if it hadn’t been for the help of my coworkers, One-L and Luna’s Girl.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Yes, I applied a cartoon effect to this to make it less readable.

More Downtown Acton - Wednesday 9/27/2006

A barn on the other side of Gillespie from the photo I took the other day.

When we first moved here, there was a long horn steer in this pasture. Looks like a good place to hang out.

You know...if you’re a steer.

Jamaica, mon - Tuesday 9/26/2006

Stopped at Food 4 Less, which has amazing produce. This is the place I found the garbanzo beans in the shell. They have lots of Latin foods here, and one of them was this big pile of what was only labeled as “Jamaica.”

I was curious after my last visit, and looked it up on the internet. Had a feeling it was a flower. Yes! Jamaica flower is hibiscus.

So I bought some and made iced tea!

It’s pretty and tasty. Tangy. I’ve had it in Celestial Seasonings blends I’m sure. Fun to steep the actual flowers, though.

Okay, you can tell me. Maybe I’ve been living outside the city too long if I have begun to categorize steeping flowers as “fun.”

Yellow Crook-neck Squash - Monday, 9/25/2006

Yes, I am sometimes moved to photograph my dinner.

Instead of just steaming the squash, I got a little creative with it, and it’s a mix I’ll do again.

Love these square dishes, which I found at Trader Joe’s a few years ago…a set with four different creamy colors.

This is also part of another goal over on 43Things, to Try 43 New Recipes

Downtown Acton Sunday 9/24/2006

Yep, that’s downtown Acton, as seen from Gillespie Avenue. I am feeling compelled to take photos of the way it is right now.

Driving along our winding rural roads, I sometimes have these visions of towns like Moorpark where there is development all around for miles and you wonder why they didn’t lay out the roads straight.

Because there used to be undisturbed geographical features here.

Boa Boa Boa - Saturday 9/23/2006

I think this is an albino boa constrictor. It was at the Agua Dulce Country Fair on Saturday.
Saturday was such a big day, it’s what kept me from posting for so long. Okay, prepare to skip to someone else’s blog, this is going to go on for a while.

First off, I drove home from Braveheart’s house. We’d had a great time on the town the night before and I stayed at her place to avoid all those crazy Friday night drivers. Which made it kind of ironic when I was pulled over for speeding up the 14. Sigh. What can I say? I was singing a Betty Hutton song and anticipating a pretty much unscheduled weekend, and I was just…going! Only a little faster than surrounding traffic, but too much.

I just grinned at the officer. Can’t argue. I told him I was singing. The only person to be mad at was me, and I just didn’t want to mess up my good mood. He asked if I was going to the parade up there when he saw my address. I said, “No, but I have photos in the photo contest!” He wished me luck and advised me to pay a little more attention when I’m singing, but he was smiling too. He was on his way to Agua Dulce to handle parade traffic. Like, all twenty cars.

Hydra and I went over in the afternoon to see the photos and also encountered this snake, and a big hawk. It’s a very very small fair.

I didn’t win anything in the photo conest, but it was a good experience to get the photos together and submit them. The big glitch was that they’d said we could take the photos after 9pm, so we went over there (about 10 miles from our house) to pick them up, thinking we’d just stop in and go. 2 1/2 hours later, they finally finished tallying the votes and let us take the photos.

We stood around feeling disgruntled for a while, then gave in and danced in spite of me being in a really odd outfit…paisley yoga pants, a coral hoodie, and my hot pink Crocs. I thanked the poor people who had just run their first photo contest and we got home a little before midnight. Sigh.