Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dodger's First Snowcream -Saturday 3/11/2006

Dodger had to try this. It’s fresh clean snow with a little maple syrup drizzled over it, just like the pioneers used to do. The original snow cone, I guess. We used to use Carnation instant milk for this back home, too, but I don’t think I’ve ever bought a can myself.

Winter wonderland! Saturday 3/11/2006

Woke up to snow this morning! So beautiful! I ran out into the yard and took photos for 20 minutes before going back inside to feed the birds.

It started snowing again gently, so I bundled up and went out for a hike. The neighbor kids were out looking for a place to sled. The big hillsides have too much scrub, but after a while their happy screams were echoing through the neighborhood as they found a snow-covered grassy slope.

I caught up with our neighbor, Ed, who is out with his dog Oreo just about every day, and we talked and walkd for about 1/2 an hour. Talked with several neighbors on the way back home. Everyone’s thrilled with the snow. It’s easy to be…it’s barely 32 degrees and the roads are all melted.

We’re supposed to get more tonight. Poor D is missing it. He’s out of town!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Dodged a Bullet - Friday 3/10/2006

This is the traffic I avoided by taking the train home today. I pulled over to the side of Sierra Highway southbound to take this shot right outside the train station. It’s snowing in Palmdale, about 10 miles up the freeway, and that causes all sorts of trouble.

There’s snow on the mountains across the valley, and the clouds are moving in. The snow level is supposed to drop to 2000 feet tonight. We’re at about 3200. It’s blustery out there now. I filled the bird feeders and brought in some firewood. Ready to snuggle up with a parrot and a book tonight.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Giganimous Beverage Thursday 3/9/2006

M, the waitress at Papoo’s slipped me a large Diet Pepsi this morning in place of the small one I ordered and paid for. She does this almost every time I go there.

I bought it at 8:00 a.m. It’s now 2:42 and I just slurped the last watery dregs and boosted the cup into the waste paper basket behind my desk. Whoo hoo.

Seriously, this photo doesn’t do justice to the massive proportions of this refreshing beverage.

I was a little afraid of it at first, but I conquered!

(Excuse the punchy end-of-the-crushing-workday rambling, please.)

Pastry Overload - Wednesday 3/8/2006

Stopped by the new Portos Bakery in Burbank on my way home last night. Went in, stood in line for about five minutes.

I just wanted a nice loaf of bread. But the bread racks didn’t have labels. Everyone else seemed to know what they want. I let a couple of people past me in line.

I looked at the rows and rows cheesecakes and mousses and fabulous tarts. I chickened out and left without buying anything!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dang - Tuesday 3/7/2006

That was a good scone. Where did it go?

Plucked it off the bakery racks at the local grocery this morning while it was still warm. It had cheese and little bits of onion in it. Driving has its advantages, too.

My commute - Monday 3/6/2006

Am I gloating much? Yeah. This is what my commute looked like yesterday.

After reading a script for work, I pulled out this borrowed copy of “Fledgling” by the late, great Octavia Butler.

Thanked Tammy

For rescuing me Friday afternoon when the shuttle to the train didn’t arrive. I was standing on a streetcorner in the rain, realizing I would have to wait another hour for the next shuttle/train. I thought maybe it would be too much to ask, to call her to leave work (six blocks behind me) and take me to the station (ten minutes away by car). Then I thought, Hmm. I’d scold her if she were in the same position and didn’t ask me for help, so I called her, and she was great. Dropped everything and picked me up. Dropped me off at the train station. Crisis averted!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Bees in the Trees Sunday 3/5/2006

No, don’t strain yourself looking for the bees. I took a few shots hoping I’d just get lucky.

It was amazing though. We were about to go into town to run errands and D put his fingers to his lips and led me around the back of the house. This tree is in its subtle blooming stage, and when we stood underneath it the buzzing of the bees was quite powerful.

You understand why I like D, don’t you?

D & Le Roi Saturday 3/4/2006

Checking out the new reclining couch at the cousin’s house. Both of them made themselves comfortable while the proud owners finished setting up the coach.