Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dog Rescue - Saturday 3/25/2006 bonus #2


We were driving home after running errands and this dog was running in the middle of a busy road. A car had stopped ahead of us and seemed to have almost hit him, but they weren’t getting out. We stopped maybe 100 feet behind them and got out and wrangled this poor little dog. Another guy stopped his car in the next lane, giving us more room to work.

The dog was really wigged out and bared his teeth at us a little. D wrapped him in my denim shirt and I got some heavy gloves out of the back of the Tahoe because being bitten would just really complicate things. But I was finally able to pick him up and get him in the back seat of the SUV and he was fine after that.

He was very sweet and let me pet him while we drove the 15 or so miles to Animal Control. He’d lie down for a bit, then get back up to be in reach of my hand. I carried him into Animal Control, then we took pix to post near where we found him.

The woman who checked him in assured me that I could call to see if he was okay. We can’t have a dog becuase of the birds, but I don’t want to have ended this creature’s life. She said this one will have no trouble. He seems like the kind of dog some one will be looking for or would choose to take home.

Aliso Canyon Bridge - Saturday 3/25/2006


The cool looking old bridge on Aliso Canyon burned down almost two years ago. D noticed that the closed sign had been removed so we drove up there. Very exciting. This means we can get up to the snow line in about 10 minutes, and take visitors up there to look back at Acton from high above, rather than go the long way (about 25 minutes).

Friday, March 24, 2006

Ambitious vine Friday 3/24/2006 - bonus

It has places to go, people to see.

Buyer Beware Friday 3/24/2006

This is not the Holiday Lodge.

This is the Holiday Lodge sign and the building next to it. The Holiday Lodge is a somewhat shabby two-story white-and-aqua motel.

But as I was walking down the street this morning looking for today’s picture, I thought of my friend G’s oft-repeated story of booking a hotel on the Internet only to find out that the photo had been very carefully and flatteringly set up.

Probably a comparison shot of the real hotel would be interesting, here, huh?

Igloo Cafe

They serve something called Carbo-Lite. No carbs. No calories. Apparently, it’s whipped plastic.

I don’t mock. I have eaten it and I know where of I speak.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Giant Bunny Head!!! Thursday 3/23/2006

I can’t express how happy it made me to see this giant bunny head on the counter of the dry cleaners’ across from my office.

Will it be a Donny Darko kind of day?

It's the berries! Wednesday 3/22/2006

Berries on the Heavenly Bamboo plant outside the door of the building I work in.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Raspberry Mousse - Tuesday 3/21/2006


From Portos Bakery in Burbank. This little number has a thin layer of cake on the bottom, with a layer of chocolate mousse, topped by a layer of raspberry mousse, overlaid with a tart raspberry gelatin, wrapped in a thin sheath of white chocolate onto which the design was stamped. (With a chocolate curl and a leaf on top...half of the chocolate curl was gone before I thought to take the picture.)

I went there to get a Cuban cake for a celebration in my writing group tonight. One of our members is quitting her 9-to-5 to write for at least a year! So we’re feting her tonight.

Now anyone in my writing group who reads this will see that I had raspberry mousse on the same day that I shared in the Cuban cake with custard and pineapple in the middle, soaked in rum, with buttercream frosting.

Or maybe they will know from the size of my behind as I sidle through the door tonight.

Is it kind of pathetic that the most I have written on my blog in a week is about a dessert?

Moony for Luna - Monday 3/20/2006

Our office manager’s new puppy came for a visit!

Luna is a chi-poodle. We think they’re lucky she’s not being called a poo-huahua.

It was hard to get a good shot, because she’s so wiggly! (Um, Luna, not the office manager.)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Someone Else's Mountain - Sunday 3/19/2006

It was just gorgeous off and on all weekend. The campground we went to is nestled in the middle of orange groves, and it smelled just fabulous…especially went we arrived and when we were on our way home. Clean rain-scrubbed air overlaid with delicate orange blossom scent. Wow.

It was a good weekend. Sat around campfires from about 8pm-12:30 Saturday night/Sunday morning singing and harmonizing with friends. Good stuff.

Ram's Head - Saturday 3/18/2006


The woman who runs the campground we went to pointed this ram’s head out to me. She met her husband under this tree 20-something years ago!

Industriousness - Friday 3/17/2006


The gopher went right through the railroad ties at our campsite!

Good to go - Thursday 3/16/2006


As soon as I got out his travel cage, Dodger was ready to go. He likes car trips. He seems to even like camping in our trailer. Better than being left behind at home or in a boarding place!