Friday, February 03, 2006

Something "ugly"


Encountered while walking by the side of the road.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The View From My Desk - Wednesday 2/1/2006

Well, part of it anyway. Just some of the stuff hanging on the divider behind my desk.

I met this guy at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, and I thought, “I’d like to have lunch with him.” That’s sort of my test of how much I like a character in a book or a film, whether I’d take the opportunity to have lunch with her or him.

Maurice-Quentin de La Tour painted this self-portrait in 1764. Doesn’t he look like fun? I think I’d actually bump the date up to a dinner. And drinks after.

Maybe even dancing.

Pony Coin Purse Tuesday 1/31/2006

Made by one of my honorary nephews many years ago. I still have it on my backpack.

I put away my backpack a couple of years ago. Trying to carry more adult-looking bags. But I brought it out of the closet for my trip to Indiana and I’m hooked again. Lightweight, easy to manage compartments, and plenty of room for the papers, books, and notebooks I have never stopped carrying around.

My name is Sundry, and I am a backpack addict.

Long Way Home Monday 1/30/2006

I like signs like this. Simple. Direct.

I Have Not Met Anyone By That Name - Sunday 1/29/2006

Goldilocks? I know no Goldilocks.

I’ve just been napping here on the bed all afternoon.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Freeway Advertising Saturday 1/28/2006

Snapped on the 10 freeway while D was driving.

This sign seems very optimistic to me, for some reason. I like that everything’s written there twice. I exchanged a smile with the driver as we passed him.

The sun was going down as we hit downtown L.A. We'd been to Frank Wilkinson's memorial over on Adams Boulevard. It was an emotional and inspirational celebration of his life.