Friday, April 28, 2006

Fresh Stash - Friday 4/28/2006

Traffic was light this morning. What tha?

So I stopped at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf a few blocks from where I work to refresh my supply of their Chai and Carnival Mate.

The counter guy was very friendly. Impressed that I stopped there even though I work above Priscilla’s Coffee House and across from a Starbucks. CBTL has good loose leaf teas. Starbucks and Priscilla’s only carry Tazo in bags.

I did buy a rare cuppa Joe this morning. Mmm. Smooth rich slightly bitter dark roast.

My hand - Thursday 4/27/2006

Hmm… I took this for a weekly challenge (this week: photographing body parts), but I didn’t use this one. And it turned out to be the only other one I took yesterday!

I left work early and got home in time to write for about an hour. I really don’t ask a lot of my life, but time to write is really crucial.

Maybe this photo is of me asking for a little help from the universe in getting through this endless, sometimes soul crushing rewriting process. Writing is voluntary manic depression. You have these incredible highs and lows as faith in your story and your ability to tell it waxes and wanes.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Commuter's Eye View - Wednesday 4/26/2006

Near the corner of Highland and Hollywood. That's the Ripley's Believe-It-Or-Not Museum in the forground, with a replica of Dodger's Uncle T on top.

I call this next one "Tattered Patriotism." Those are the remnants of flags flying over a carwash on Highland.

I'm goin' to a par-tay


Does that count as something I learned today? I didn’t know it yesterday.

I was invited to the Commander in Chief wrap party. Whoo hoo! D and I are going. It would be fun to see any of the major cast members. Whoo hoo!

Remember, I was born in a place called Bug Island.

POTUS Awaits - Tuesday 4/25/2006


I went to Papoo’s to write between work and my writing group. The waitress there is really great. She lets me (or me and MGS) sit in the closed section where it’s quieter.

That’s my car, POTUS, waiting for me to come out. She’s very patient.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Emo Kid (Tues 4/25)

According to the Urban Dictionary, an Emo Kid, is a kid who “rejects the ‘pop culture’ and joins the counter-culture realm.” Apparently this term has been around since the '80s. And it's derived from emo music which dates to the same era. I guess I just have to admit that there are some things I missed out on.

Light on Irises - Monday 4/24/2006

I didn’t even notice they were about to bloom, and now boom!

Gerald Ford... (Mon. 4/24)


...was the only U.S. President who was not elected either vice president or president. He was appointed VP after Spiro Agnew left office and became president when Nixon resigned.


First Spring Planting - Sunday 4/23/2006

These were waiting for me at Trader Joe’s… The only three they had. I can’t remember the name of them, but they were so cheery and bright, and the front of our house needed some cheering up.

It wasn't very sunny, but you get the idea!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Birthday Hat - Saturday 4/22/2006

Family gathered in celebration of the lovely Aunt M’s 95th birthday. Cousin S found this hat at Disneyland and, truly, it needed to be at this party.

My husband commented that he felt that his family was shrinking terribly when his only brother passed away this spring, but that it’s actually gotten bigger because we’re in better contact with his witty, smart cousins and their husbands. Another of life’s welcome surprises.