Saturday, February 10, 2007

Marx Brothers to the Rescue! - Friday 2/9/2007

Fire extinguisher on the Metrolink train I took to work on Friday.

I can just see the three of them struggling to get the refreshed bottle behind the glass in the cramped quarters of the train passages.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fogginess Ensues - Thursday 2/8/2007

Was it really foggy outside, or just in my brain? Having stayed up late last night writing for the GBA(s)FC last night, I slept through my alarm.

Did not hear it. Must have turned it off in some semi-dream state. Hydra came in around the time I'm usually leaving and asked if I was going to work today.

Hoo boy.

And here's where I admit just what a great part of my life this diner has become. I walked in a few minutes before six a.m. to a small chorus of "You're late!" and some ribbing. I stopped to talk to the print shop guys, who usually arrive about 45 minutes after I do and by the time I got to my usual booth, my hot tea and tall ice water was already there.

Only had half an hour to write this morning, but it is so good to have this habit. I have Elegant's invitation to do NaNoWriMo to thank for that!

Now she's talked me into contributing to 100 words. Which my writing group pointed out is about the opposite of NaNoWriMo. It's good to run sprints as well as distances, even in writing.

Early Hours - Wednesday 2/7/2007

The lights outside Hondista's door as I left her place. Another of the kind folks who save me the drive home late at night on a writing group night.

Sunrise over Riverside Drive in the moments between breakfast writing and work.

There's a New Kid in Town - Tuesday 2/6/2007

Ooooooh! What a beauty, huh!? The new Nikon D80 arrived! I worked from home in order to be there to sign for it.

Very exciting. But I was sooooo busy that I worked 6am-5pm with just a half hour break to do some killer DVD pilates and heat lunch to take back to my desk. Left the battery charging when I left for my writing group around 6pm.

It's now Thursday, I'm just now updating my blog, and I haven't had time to load the software, so still no shots from behind this lens. Something about saying I would update more regularly invited an avalanche of day-job work.

Plus I worked on my story for Maht's contest over at The Moon Topples. (Go over there and read and vote when you get a chance.)

Priorities are such a drag sometimes.

Virtual Street Golf - Monday 2/5/2007

Stance lessons on the sidewalk in front of the cafe below my office. I've long suspected that a couple of the barristas are also part time golf pros.

I don't pretend to understand.

Sago, Sago, Any Way You May Go - Sunday 2/4/2007

We went to Costco Sunday morning. Sat at the little cafe where I had pizza and Hydra had polish sausage, and we watched the peculiar world of the big box store roll by.

There must have been a good deal on these sago palms. We saw cart after cart of these wheel by. They were kind of magestic, separating from the grove at the center of the store and heading toward the yards of the Antelope Valley.

Okay, does anyone recognize the song I'm referring to in the title? Who famously recorded it?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Deb in Fort Wayne

Hey, I wanted to post this here, not being sure whether you'd check for a response to your lovely comments! Thanks so much!

My sister leads a free writing group at the Peabody Public Library in Columbia City. Perhaps not too far to go, depending on what side of the city you live on. They meet at 7pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. It's listed under Adult Events on the library's page. She'd love to have you join in.

If you'd like to contact her to ask questions or just say hi, email me at and I'll give you her email address. You're of course under no obligation, but if you'd let me know you've seen this, either through email or a comment, I'll send you the info and delete this post.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Phone Home? - Saturday 2/3/2007

Is it just me, or does this rock formation--the image has been rotated--look like E.T. with a little leafy lunch sticking out of the the side of his mouth? Did Steven Spielberg consult with Erich von Däniken before making his film?

Me and my shadow at Vasquez Rocks. Hydra's around here somewhere, too. We hiked for about 55 minutes, poking around the back part of the park. Most people stay around the big famous rocks so we pretty much had the trails to ourselves.

The view from inside one of the overhangs. This place always stimulates the imagination. It's like a stone city.

Ground Hog Day - Friday 2/2/2007

Celebrated by going to an outdoor taco stand with Hondista, and truly appreciating the fact that we and our local groundhogs could see our shadows. Scare that rodent back into his hole, we don’t mind.

She and I are both from northern Indiana, and agree that with winters like this, you don’t need to wish them away.

They were filming an episode of Desperate Housewives at the adjascent carwash, and I found all the stuff hanging off this crew member's belt interesting.