Friday, August 04, 2006

Do you already have one of these? - Friday 8/4/2006

Why, no.

No, I don’t.

My officemate, the Divine Miss M, recently received this handy little item as a gift.

You get bonus points if you can guess what this lady’s purpose in life is.

Personally, I think she’s been much more valuable as “guess what this is” show and tell than she ever will be in her proper context.

If you really need to know:

Squash Seeds - Thursday 8/3/2006

I toasted the seeds from the kombucha squash I cooked. I put them in a jar.

They seemed lonely, so I matched them up with some whole anise in a jar.

I photographed them together.

I feel slightly sordid.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Monster Drive - Wednesday 8/2/2006

Sometimes I need a little help from the Monster to get through the commute with my eyes open.

7-11 is a world unto itself. I’ve stopped a couple of times in the past week, and there are all kinds of people who seem to go in on a regular basis and it’s kind of friendly. The parking lot is tricky, because everyone seems to zoom in and out of their spaces like they’re in their own little zone.

Worth the risk for the Monster.

(So the Monster tells me.)

Work Dog - Tuesday 8/1/2006

Luna came to work with our office manager. This is one of the perks of working for a very small company. People can bring their kids and pets into the office occasionally.

Every so often Luna would come check on us all. I wouldn’t even hear her come into my office, but then I’d feel this little tongue on my ankle and turn and see her going on about her rounds. Hee hee.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Goddess on My Porch - Monday 7/31/2006

I don’t know who she is, but she sits outside my front door.

She came from Cousin Lucy’s after Cousin Lucy passed away. Lucy had a wonderful green thumb and always had lots of potted plants around her door.

Those are credentials enough for me.

Sunday Morning - Sunday 7/30/2006

Morning inside the trailer.

This is taken from the little dinette in the kitchen. One of the women on the campout brought me a rose from her garden to thank me for organizing things at the last minute (the person who was going to do it lost his mother last week and flew to England for the memorial.)

It was a very sweet gesture and I hope she knew how much I appreciated it.

Below: Dodger looking a little rumpled, just about to give himself a good scratch while he looks out the diner window.

Lurking - Saturday 7/29/2006 bonus

Another truck in the meadow. This one seemed slightly menacing.

Maybe that’s just me.

Maybe it's the big sticks poking up out of the ground. Old vineyard, maybe?

Still somewhat creepy.

Orange Truck - Saturday 7/29/2006

We camped in a different section of the campground than we usually do because the group we camped with was smaller than usual. It was nice and quiet, and we were so lucky with the weather. After weeks of 100+ temperatures, it dropped to the mid-eighties for our camp out. We win!

This truck was visible through the hedge around the campground when we came out the door of our camper trailer.

Quartz - Friday 7/28/2006 bonus

These pieces of quartz have been sitting on this slab of quartz for a couple of years. They all come from the Owens Valley.

The slab comes from the courtyard of an abandoned house along Highway 395. I am not entirely comfortable with having taken it, but I am always concerned that these old places will be bulldozed away and no one will have anything to remember them by.

I remember standing on this slab, looking into the house through the tattered remains of yellow cotton curtains. I could see straight through to the Eastern Sierra Madre mountains on the other side.

Someone slept and ate and probably raised kids there.

On this day, I noticed how little rings have formed around the stones sitting on the slab. These things are part of this place now.

Maybe someday a stranger will carry them away.