Friday, July 28, 2006

Oregano Honey - Friday 7/28/2006

Somewhere nearby there must be some oregano scented honey. The bees are busy in the herb garden outside my back door today.

This is the oregano that I dug out and moved to another spot a couple of years ago. Now it’s coming up around the winter savory.

Well, anyway, it’s good in pasta sauce!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Clean Fruit - Thursday 7/27/2006

I think of myself as a person who is reasonably careful without being paranoid or petrified by the stuff she hears on the morning news. But recently I’ve started washing my fruits and vegetables with fruit soap that I bought at Trader Joe’s. It just seems prudent. And I find that I like my veggies and fruit without a layer of wax.

And on an unrelated note, I believe that the hummingbird outside my library window knows that it is I who replenishes the syrup in the feeder. No, really. He just came buzzing up to the window and hovered meaningfully. He quite possible made eye contact—who is to know for certain in such a tiny face?—and then backed away and looked at the feeder as if to say, “Forget something?”

Upon checking the feeder, I found it empty. So I rinsed and refilled it with fresh syrup from the fridge. I’d no sooner regained my seat here by the window than the little fellow came back, looked in at me again, and then landed on the sticky full feeder. He is even now leaning back and peering around the side of the feeder.

Is that an appreciative gleam I see in his eye? “It’s almost as if the humans understand when we need more nectar!”

[Good grief, can you tell I'm reading Melville?]

Crocs on the go - Wednesday 7/26/2006 bonus

My coworker’s daughters were here yesterday. ‘Fia took my Crocs for a spin.

She’s an amazing, beautiful kid.

And she has good taste in shoes.

Fuzzy photos, darn it.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Spelt and Canteloupe - Wednesday 7/26/2006

There is really no reason for my lunch to be perched on my windowsill at work. Except that a couple of people innocently encouraged me to continue with the jars motif.

And I am a shameless sucker for pleasing the teacher or apparently anyone else who asks me for something. Tell me what to do and I will do it and I will try to do it in a very special way. (Oh, ugh…annoying child.)

Also, this doesn’t require a huge amount of staging, since part of my small effort to reduce my environmental footprint includes reusing glass jars. There are supposed to be nasty chemicals in plastic containers that are released when you microwave them, so I’m also trying in small ways to keep my brain and body intact a little longer.

Hence, this photo of my lunch having one last outing before it meets its demise.

Happy grain. Happy canteloupe. Blissfully unaware of its impending fate.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

'Maters! - Tuesday 7/25/2006

Wow, they are really coming along now! I’m very excited!

Refurbished Starbucks - Monday 7/24/2006

I had to check out the newly refurbished Starbucks across the street from my office. I told myself it was because I forgot to bring milk for my tea. Thought I’d read a couple of scripts for work over there, while I was at it.

So I crossed the street to get some coffee and a scone. Realized I forgot the scripts.

Got back to my car, where the scripts were, and realized I’d forgotten to put milk in my coffee. Sigh. Back across the street with the scripts and the black coffee.

Sat down and enjoyed myself, and read the scripts faster than I would have with the Internet in front of me. So there!

Blue Plate Special - Sunday 7/23/2006

My boiled egg breakfast.

Gee, a lot of interesting stuff goes on, on my kitchen counter.