Thursday, June 22, 2006

Highland and Melrose - Thursday 6/22/2006

Anyway, I think that's where I saw this billboard. Seemed very odd to me that ST and I were just talking about religious extremism over breakfast this morning. There’s an article in the Los Angeles Times today about religious groups trying to bring on The End Times of Biblical prophecy, and then I saw this sign!

And shortly after that, this license plate.

Franklin Canyon - Wednesday 6/21/2006

G called in the morning and asked if I wanted to go for an hour hike before our writing group. I said yes! We drove up to Franklin Canyon and had a really nice time. It was amazingly cool up there, with all the trees to shade us and little streams running along the roads and paths. A really nice break from the regular week!

Up close and personal with G's favorite tree.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Herbilicious! - Tuesday 6/21/2006

My writing group is going to take note of the Summer Solstice tonight, and I suggested that we share a communal cup of sage tea as part of our little celbration. So I went out and harvested some from my herb garden.

As soon as I saw the little plot of land outside the back door of our house, I knew I wanted an herb garden there. This abundance lies just a few steps from the stove. In this shot you can see summer savory, varigated sage, oregano and rosemary. There’s also thyme a little further down, and mint around the corner. Mmm!

I love fresh herbs, and I love that I have made this small wonderful thing happen.

Bagged herbs, ready to share with my friends....

Monday, June 19, 2006

My Crocs Rock! - Monday 6/19/2006

I am still learning the many valuable aspects of wearing outrageously comfortable, brilliantly pink shoes.

1) They are outrageously comfortable. Did I mention that? Little foot-massaging ridges inside. Light! Airy!

2) Pink shoes don’t go with anything—so they go with everything! Unless you are one of those ladies who gets herself up in a monochromatic outfit every day…which requires too much focus for people like me.

3) No one will ever, ever suspect you of hiding a WMD in the soles

4) You can assume that the department store dressing room staff holds you in disdain because of your shoes, not your hair, clothes, bag, waistline or age.

5) If you drop a big container of watermelon at your feet, the juice will splash right in through the holes! This may not exactly be a selling point, but it is one of the features I discovered this morning!

Get yourself some! Seriously, you won’t regret it.

They come in other colors and styles, and you can find them at Whole Foods Markets as well as their website. I bought mine at a funky little tee shirt / smoke shop in Ventura.

The photo below is from their website. They're for women, men, kids.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Home for the Holiday? - Sunday 6/18/2006

I saw all these trucks parked along a street where you don’t usually see them and I had to wonder if they were dads stopping over for Father’s Day.

Mine died in 1990, but he was…

A farmer’s son, who worked hard while going to high school. A high school basketball star. An Army-Airforce football player right after WWII. A Golden Gloves Heavy Weight regional champion.

A friend to strangers. A factory worker. A mechanic who owned his own service station. A great dancer, with my mom in his arms. A traveler who took us on great camping vacations and eventually went to Europe—even lived there for two years—which no one else in his peer group was doing.

A guy who prefaced advice to his kids with phrases like, “I don’t want to tell you what to do, but…” and really meant it. A man who acheived his dream of paying off his house.

A regular at the breakfast counter in the town of 150 where he’d owned his service station…so much so that his coffee cup stayed empty in front of his usual stool while the waitress and his friends began to worry, on the morning that he died.

I still miss him sometimes.

Who's your daddy? I love to hear about him.