Friday, February 24, 2006

Long Shadow - Friday 2/24/2006 bonus

Here I come! Mwaaahahahaha!

Morning Mum - Friday 2/24/2006

Walking from the train shuttle stop is having unexpected benifits. I wouldn’t have seen the sun fiddling around with these petals if I’d driven today.

Frutas, etc. - Thursday 2/23/2006

Just some of what’s happening between the freeways.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Outside Looking In - Wednesday 2/23/2006

Looking for something to photograph on my way home from a busy busy workday. Didn’t really want to advertise the gas station that was taking my money, but here’s my sweet little Echo.

L.A. Building - Tuesday 2/21/2006

It’s on Melrose and maybe Vine.

I downloaded my pix on my home computer, so will post the Monday photo later.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Blue Blackbirds

My intention was to get a photograph of the dozens of birds on and around this SUV in a grocery store parking lot.

But photography turns out to be a lot like writing. You can’t really get where you want to go by showing something in a general way. Although you can’t tell from this shot that there were fifty or sixty birds right near by, this is a truer image than the first pictures I took here. You have to delve into the intimacy of a scene, whether it’s for a story or a photograph in order to get to the truth of it.

Just as in writing, the truly interesting details are seldom the ones you had in mind when you started. Those you find along the way.

Yet more snow! Sunday 2/19/2006

In our yard, no less! It snowed quite heavily for an hour or more, while D and I pranced around taking snapshots. It was just gorgeous. Big fluffy flakes coming down. I’d forgotten the SOUND of falling snow. It’s so lovely and peaceful.

We were afraid we’d get snowed or iced in, but the sun came out around 10am and it all melted away. Great torrents of melt washed off the roof.