Friday, February 23, 2007

Pergatory - Thursday 2/22/2007

At the beginning of my commute. I knew it was going to be bad. After another interminable day an interminable drive. Two hours. Will I get any credit for this at the end of my life?

I just tried to relax and repeat my little mantra - I love my job. I love where I work. Luckily, I had Toni Morrison reading me Beloved, which is one of my favorite books.

Bad me, I stopped at Carl's Junior on the way, I was so hungry. Looked up the calories later. Oh. my. god. Never again.

Obnoxious Tipping? - Wednesday 2/21/2007

I hope not. I actually still have a couple of creatively folded bills from my last waitress job which was--oh good grief--eighteen years ago! Funny, because I still feel like waiting tables is one of those things I have given up like an addict.

I am a recovering waitress and I guess I always will be. I still think of myself as essentially a server who is just not doing it now. If I am ever fortunate enough to be able to live off of creative pursuits, I would probably apply to work in a coffee house again. I love talking to people and I think I'd curl up creatively if I didn't have a lot of contact with others.

This is a one dollar bill folded into a ring and slipped over another, rolled, dollar bill. Perhaps the fact that it's about a 55% tip will alleviate any annoyance. When you sit at a table for a long time, and expect refills of your tea, you should consider that you are kind of renting the table, not tipping by percentage.

Work Home - Tuesday 2/20/2007

There was some talk that we might have to move offices because of an increase in the rent, but it turns out that the increase was reasonable and we're staying. Good. It was interesting to contemplate the positives that a change can bring.

But it also made me feel nostalgic for this corner where I've worked for the past eight years. There's a grocery, a Trader Joe's, several restaurants, four coffee houses and Bob's Big Boy within walking distance. It's clean and safe feeling.

That's my car behind the bench.

Nice logo, huh?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays - Monday 2/19/2007

Dodger doesn't like the way the sky seems to break apart and fall to the ground on rainy days. When I sat down with him next to the library window, he stared for a few seconds and then dove headfirst into my lap. It's safer there.

Better yet, the Trader Joe's bag on the kitchen counter. This flash photo doesn't show how dark and cozy it is in there. He's crouching behind his breakfast dish here.

He has now sufficiently recovered to resume the remodeling (tearing up the inner of two bags).

This rainy day Monday isn't getting me down. Day off! Rain and writing go together for me. Will run some errands, get some lunch and enjoy feeling cozy indoors myself.

Time, Timer, Timest - Sunday 2/18/2007

Sometimes I feel it slipping away, and it scares me.

This usually happens when I have not worked for a couple of days on whatever writing project is supposed to be my focus.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Herding Class at Drummond Ranch - Saturday 2/17/2007

I love when this happens! You do something you've never done before, and a whole world opens up to you. Sheep herding! There are people doing this with their dogs all over the place.

Braveheart and Luverly came up to our neighborhood to participate in a herding class at the Drummond Ranch. This is Luverly and Lulu getting started. Lulu's border collie blood informs her approach.

I had a great time with my new camera. Clicked off 129 shots without having to stop and reload film, or worry about all the dust when reloading. Also, the big camera gives you the same sort of entree that a clipboard does. You look like you know what you're doing and people let you do it!

Working! Isn't it cute how Lulu's back feet are off the ground? They were airborne in about a third of the shots. Hydra and I found this quite funny when reviewing the photos.

Rounding them up.

This is one happy pooch!

This guy is a working cowboy. He's a friend of the ranch, and was picking up this puppy to take home.

Janna Duncan runs Drummond Ranch and trains dogs. She was very friendly, and has the respect of the dog owners we talked to while we watched.

Hydra made a friend!

I had so much fun taking pictures, talking to people, watching the dogs work. It was a truly fun day and I want to go back to the ranch to take more photos of the dogs working. Great practice for taking action shots.