Friday, June 09, 2006

Hillside at Sunset - Thursday 6/8/2006

Sat at the table in the back yard yesterday afternoon/early evening and read. Then my friend B called from Indiana and we talked for about an hour. I’ll get to see her at the beginning of July!

There’s something about sitting outside as the air cools, watching the shadows creep up the hillside—it’s good for the skin. I felt when I went inside that my skin had been revitalized, like it finally got to breathe.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

For Your Consideraton - Wednesday 6/7/2006

Some of the more interesting packaging for DVDs sent out in search of an Emmy nomination. Most of them are just simple cardboard packages, but some companies really go all out to get the attention of the voters. I'm not a member, my boss is.

Self Esteem - Bonus Tuesday photo

This is exactly how I feel somedays.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What You See - Tuesday 6/6/2006

Elderly gentleman waiting for a bus.

Blue Rooster - Monday 6/5/2006

What's better than a blue rooster on a friend's front porch?

S is thinking about selling her house. Not immediately, but she's thinking about it as an asset to help her continue with her creative life. And a house is a lot to maintain, especially for one person.

I am already feeling nostalgic for this house. A deep appreciation for art, and for old things that are good, is expressed here. I enjoy S's asthetic, share much of it, and am pleasantly surprised by some of it.

Neighborly Foot - Sunday 6/4/2006

The foot of the little girl sitting next to me at Barnes & Noble Cafe. She and her friend sat at a table separate from their mothers. Each had a saucer in front of her. One had a big chocolate chip cookie, the other a Rice Crispy treat.

The snacks looked huge beneath their small hands. They performed a little hand ballet, each crisscrossing the table to pull a chunk off of her dessert or her friend's.

Flowers for Aunt M - Saturday 6/3/2006

Took a bouquet of miniature roses from our yard to Aunt M when we picked her up to go to a potluck and hoot with us. We had a great time... I think she did too!

Where the Water Comes From - Friday 6/2/2006

This water comes all the way from the Owens Valley—more than 200 miles away—to make the San Fernando Valley comfortable and green. There are no pumps along the way… It’s all done with siphons.

When they built the thing in the early 1900s, there were no engines that could pull the weight of some of the big concrete pipes they built, and they had to be pulled by up to 40-mule teams.