Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mixed Bag Monday - Monday 8/27/2007

Do I hold a grudge? No, I don't. I'm willing to make Jimmy the Cat's bee toy famous even though he defiled my clothing this morning.

Yeah, I'm at standing at the mirror at Braveheart's house, putting in my contacts when I realize my left calf pant-leg is wet. What tha? It must have been fresh enough (read that: warm enough) when I put my jeans on that I didn't notice it.

Braveheart's other houseguest (yes, she's hospitable) offers to sniff it for me.

"No. I don't want to know. I can't do anything about it."

Yes, readers, I am wearing the same jeans to work on Monday that I wore to the concert the night before. They were clean. Pre-Jimmy. [Whose name has not been changed, guilty little bugger that he is.]

Thank goodness for whatever nature-scent thing Braveheart sprayed on my pants.

Along the way. I always think it must feel pretty cool to be one of these surveyor guys, standing in the middle of a busy street doing your job.

Except when it feels life threatening.

Couldn't resist this shot, in Hollywood (somewhere along Highland, I think). Gee, I'm glad we don't live in the scary Middle East, like the people in The Kingdom.

On the Way to the Bowl - Sunday 8/26/2007

Colander filled with yummy tomatoes from Trader Joe's.

Goat cheese sandwiches I packed for dinner at the Hollywood Bowl. Braveheart had an extra ticket to see Brazilian Girls, Zap Mama and Macy Gray.

Saw this dove spinning above an intersection as I made my way toward Braveheart's house. Took a few shots to get it so you could see it. I like it.

What a beautiful night for an outdoor concert! The nearly full moon rose behind us while we drank wine and had our picnic, and enjoyed the music. Zap Mama was the main reason Braveheart and I were there, and they were wonderful. Brazilian Girls was a lot of fun, too. ( I think that's the correct grammar... I think that's the band name, since there's only one woman in the band.)

Macy Gray was good enough, but the originality and vibrancy of the opening acts was hard to follow. Her voice is unique, but...honestly. I kept getting this image of Rod Stewart on helium.