Friday, October 20, 2006

Gia's Wallet - Thursday 10/19/2006T

Gia and I went for tea yesterday, and started work on the book project we’re collaborating on. It was her idea, and it’s a very good one, and I’m pleased that we have made a beginning.

I love that one of the other writing group members—Braveheart? The Elegant E? I can’t remember!—gave this wallet to Gia for her birthday and that she uses it. I must say that this little bunch of five, besides being supportive and inspiring, knows good food and gives good gift!

That’s my fabulous fountain pen there, trying to find the right words to express it’s adoration for the wallet. Love at first sight.

Okay, I promise you... Wednesday 10/18/2006

I am not going to get all obsessed with 76 signs. But we came out of Don Cuco’s in Acton after happy hour, and boing!

There was the sign, and the rim of sundown on the mountains, and me without a photo for the day.

Some might say it was inevitable.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Can You See Her? - Tuesday 10/17/2006 bonus

This is a dancer from Rhythm Village, the act that opened for Joan Baez last night. Wow. The music and dancing was really exciting. None of the photos turned out very well, but at least this one expresses how big and thrilling the movement was. This is like trance-dancing. It was hard to stay in my seat.

Joan Baez was fabulous. So generous. She got us singing along on the very first song, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. There were problems with the sound system, but she handled it with grace.

In fact, the word that kept coming to mind was "graceful," from the way she joined in with Rhthym Village's last song, to the way she handled the sound problems, to her seemingly effortless singing. She did a few acapella songs and even danced to a little bit of Greek-style guitar riffing while one of the techs tried to fix her guitar or the guitar pick-up.

Wonderful evening.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs - Tuesday 10/17/2006


It’s Tuesday, right? So this sign on the curb where I always park my car is for tomorrow. Am I right?

I double checked at the newspaper racks before going upstairs to my office. These are today’s papers, yes?

Because I really don’t want to be towed.

Back to Work - Monday 10/16/2006

At least I have the sign over Papoo’s Hot Dog Show to light my way!

Making Tea in the Dark - Sunday 10/15/2006

Hydra went into town to get Starbucks. I started brewing tea and writing by the light of a flashlight in the little dinette. Mom woke up pretty soon and we went outside. It was a hazy morning, nice and cool, but not chilly.

Hydra brought us back a couple of caramel macchiatos. Pretty posh camping.

Doo Doo Doo - Saturday 10/14/2006

Lookin' out my front door.

Well, the door of the trailer, anyway. Mom and I spent most of the afternoon singing songs prompted by the collection of '40s and '50s lyrics I have in a binder.

Camp and Beach - Friday 10/13/2006

These cactus fruits looked so succulent, it was very interesting to see what the insides looked like. I expected it to be fleshy and the same color all the way through.

A view of the usually dry creekbed that runs through the campground we stayed at Thursday through Sunday.

Mom and I left Hyrdra at the campground, and drove over to Ventura. Had lunch in a Thai restaurant, window shopped, and saw this old cookie jar. This one's for TorontoMeridith! I can't believe that this worked, through the window!

We walked down to the beach... Had to cross these railroad tracks. Later, an Amtrack train went by, carrying people who were probably on their way to Santa Barbara for the weekend.

There were dozens of gulls and other birds on a big tide pool behind us as we sat on some driftwood. A few of them started diving into the waves and we figured there must be fish there. Pretty soon, all of them decided to have a look at what was for high tea. I couldn't really see antying through my LED viewfinder, just pointed in the general direction and shot!

My footprint and some random dog's footprint. I think I would like this dog.

"Lonley tern. I'm just a lonely tern..." You know the song.

Okay, face it. If you were a mermaid, you would wear this to the spring formal. And you would be happy about it.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A Cuddle of Crocs - Thursday 10/12/2006

My mom arrived this week wearing her own baby blue Crocs!

This was taken in our camper-trailer after we'd set up camp and gone out to dinner with Hydra and a friend.

Little did I know that by the end of the next day, when we went into Ventura for some window shopping, I'd have a dark sage green pair of Mary Jane style Crocs _and_ a burgundy pair that Mom bought for me when I was wavering between them!

The cuddle continues to grow!

Juicy Memories - Wednesday 10/11/2006


It was a loooong workday. Bad traffic. Worked from about 7:00-5:30, getting things completely caught up before taking the next two days off.

This is a beach bag I bought on vacation in South Carolina a couple of years ago with my mom, sister and niece. It was a great week.

Now the beach bag carries the excess stuff that won’t fit in my regular bag. Sigh.