Saturday, January 14, 2006

The road home - Saturday 1/14/2006


Just had to do this again as we came home from running errands in Palmdale. It’s been raining a bit off and on today, and these shafts of sunlight were just breathtaking. We stopped several times along the way.

The road home Friday 1/13/2006


It’s always great to get off the freeway and see this view. I love that it is immediately country looking.

This road gets flooded when it rains. Probably will be on Saturday.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Bonus - Thursday 1/12/2005

I thought yesterday was going to be a slow photo day. But then an online friend from London said he was going to the pub, and I thought that sounded really good. So I walked a mile or so to the local coffee house. Found I could do 3/4 of the walk on a trail, so that was nice.

I'm now completely frustrated because I can't get the images to load in the order I want them. Tried several times and all I've been able to accomplish is accidently deleting them, etc. Guess I'm being a byte-piggy today.

Dog along the trail. Someon'es best friend. Clearly not mine.

Actually, this is like one of those unfair paparazzi shots. This dog mostly seemed friendly, jumping up a foot off the ground and wagging his tail.

The shot below is from about halfway between my house and the coffeehouse. I live on the other side of this little mountain.

The obligatory sign shot. When you see them, you have to take them, don't you?

This should have been the first shot. They were blowing water through a hydrant down the block. I like the way some of the individual drops catch the light.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mug shot Thursday 1/12/2006

Yeah, it’s Mary Englebreit. You gotta problem wit’ dat?

It was a gift from my coworkers and it makes me happy. It’s the one place where I know being called Miss Smarty isn’t even slightly a put-down. Probably why I’ve been at this job longer than any other in my life.

DMG's Disks Wednesday 1/11/2006

I didn’t know this when I took the shot, but DMG spilled a soda on her disks the night before and was drying them out. I just liked all the pretty colors.

I, myself, am a USB drive fan.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Medicine Cards Tuesday 1/10/2006

Medicine cards are something like Tarot cards, except they don’t seem as much aimed at divination as at being thought-provoking.

Or maybe it’s just the way I use them. Pull a card and the animal figure and what it represents help you look at your day or a problem from a different perspective. I like that they are animals rather than people holding cups or swords or whatever. Sometimes they are breathtakingly on-the-nose in identifying my hesitations or issues.

I don’t really know what to make of this sort of thing. I use them and enjoy them. There’s something about the element of chance that sparks the divine within us is what I think if I’m pressed to express it.

It’s sort of like writing from a prompt. The word “mushrooms” will give five writers five different stories. The same word on two different days will give one writer two stories.

Images and impressions are always flowing around us, and anything that surprises us into a moment of contemplation in which we capture one of them seems like a positive thing to me.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Angle of Repose Monday 1/9/2006

oofing around, looking at our home library from a different angle. Playing with shapes, I guess. This is the ball part of a maraca peeking over the edge of a shelf.

Yeah, I stole the title from Wallace Stegner. So sue me. [But from what I hear, Wallace Stegner shouldn't be throwing any stones!]

Monday, January 09, 2006

Gloves of Doom (bonus) Sunday 1/8/2006

I propped them up so they’d dry out. One, however, looks like it has distinctly evil intentions toward the other.

Yes, I was down on my knees and elbows in my back yard. Is that wrong?

Pruning the Roses Sunday 1/8/2006

It’s hard to cut back the roses when they start blooming again after Christmas, but January is the time to do it. Here they are on the table on the back deck. Next to them is a piece of a succulant I broke off and will plant.

Also pruned the apple, peach and apricot trees and cut back the Thompson grape vine. And raked leaves, and cut up branches that had fallen down, and left some of them piled for next week’s trash. And helped D get the Christmas lights off the roof.

This also doubles as exercise for the day. I feel accomplished.

Waiting - Saturday 1/7/2006

The frog is there because a frog looking out your front door is supposed to welcome prosperity. We haven’t won the lottery, but things are moving along pretty fluidly, and that feels like prosperity after having struggled for a long time.

The dog. The dog is a door stop. I bought it from one of the catalogues that came to our house after my mother-in-law passed away and we had her mail directed to our house.

It’s a replica of a type of cast iron door stop that was popular as far back as the 20s or 30s I suppose. My grandfather made these in a foundry in Indiana. My grandma had one at her house until sometimes in the 80s when it was stolen.

It took me a couple of catalogues to finally give myself permission to spend $40 on a dog door stop, but I am SO glad I did. It’s not the one we had, but I love the way it lets me see my Grandma B’s kitchen.

I do have one of the pony doorstops that my Grandpa B made. It holds open the door to my writing studio.

Contrail Friday 1/6/2006

We were walking to the garage, going to a hoot (acoustic music jam, sort of) when I looked up and saw this. Oh…my picture of the day, just waiting for me over the hill!

On our way, we picked up a friend of ours who was just released from prison. He was in because he was drinking before he got on the road, and he crossed the center line on a canyon road and killed a gardener on his way home from work. Desperately injured the other two men in the truck.

I think it was a good thing for him to go. Before he went, he was very much torn up about it. He seemed afraid that his friends wouldn’t want to be his friends anymore. Honestly, it was hard to know how to be supportive sometimes, while acknowleging the gravity of what he’d done.

He wasn’t a drunk. He was a man who enjoyed good food and good wine. His experience is a solemn reminder of our obligation to be in control of ourselves when we get behind the wheel.Now he has paid in the time that the judge said he needed to pay. It was an awful ordeal. I know the night still haunts him, but now he can come back knowing he’s done the time, and we can all begin to move forward.

I think he’s appreciating views like this these days.