Friday, April 06, 2007

Lesser Koan Solved - Friday 4/6/2007

Oh, sure. Everyone's pondered the question, "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?"

But how much time have you given to the lesser koans? What is your answer to, "Does a dog have a Buddha nature, or not?" or "What is Buddha?" (Dongshan Shouchu answered, "Three pounds of flax," but it was later rumored than he'd gotten into some bad incense.)

"If a parrot misbehaves in the kitchen and no one is there to scold him, is it really any fun?"

You may spend time with this question on your own, Little Grasshopper. Or you may take my word for it, for I have witnessed the Truth for myself.

There is little joy to be derived from scattering hummingbird sugar across the counter, ravaging an apple in the fruit bowl, or opening the Forbidden Cupboard door if these actions fail to illicit a response from the Universe. One might just as well preen angelically.

And yes, Little Grasshopper, it is evident that parrots do have a Buddha nature.

Pre-Peepapalooza Excitment Abounds - Thursday 4/5/2007

Momalisa brought in cute plastic bunnies stuffed with mini-M&Ms and Peeps sucker-rigns for each of us! She's been off sweets for lent, but that doesn't stop her from spreading the joy.

My friend TorontoM started Peepapolooza years ago, when she worked side by side with the rest of us, before moving to the new office in Toronto. It involves capturing unsuspecting Peeps, gathering coworkers and ritualistically microwaving the Peeps into utter sugary submission.

Seriously, you have not lived until you've consumed a hot Peep.

I will be posting the results of our own Peepapolooza sometime after we actually do it on Monday. Until then, if you want to experience it for yourself, here are instructions. (I like that "How to clean a microwave" is a related link on this page!)

Dude! When I went looking, I discovered Peep Jousting on Wikipedia. This truly twisted event must be added to Monday's event schedule!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Photography Publication!

Somehow, it seems appropriate that I not post a photograph to accompany this announcement that some of my photos have been published.

I'm working on a book project with Gia which involves me being the photographer, and I thought I'd try to generate some credits to put into the book proposal.

Well, shoot. I sent out three submissions and two of them were accepted! (One hasn't responded yet.) That was way less painful and time-consuming than sending out short stories.

They aren't paying gigs, but as those of you who write short fiction, etc., know it's not all about the paycheck.

The first ones were in the March 17th issue of The Country Journal , a local newspaper that printed shots I took of the fire behind our house. And now the online journal, The Houston Literary Review has published a handful, too!

Now to pursue actually getting someone to pay me for something so I can write off my new DSLR!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Misty Morning - Wednesday 4/4/2007

Sort of a sci-fi dawn on Riverside this morning.

Poster in the Dark - Tuesday 4/3/2007

On Barham Boulevard, across from Warner Brothers.

Is that Kevin Smith? If so, why? And who's the other guy?

These are the things that trouble me as I drive from pillar to post.

Balance Restored to the Universe - Monday 4/2/2007

This one's for Fortunata--who relocated to the stoney Northeast last fall, but who checks in now and again--and who said she wanted to see the milk container returned to Bob's.

She says she trusts me. But I think it's probably a good idea to provide proof.

You know. Just in case my fingerprints get on file at some point in the future, I don't want any unsolved diner crimes coming back to haunt me.

Oh, and yes. It measures just slightly over two ounces when filled.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Flea Market Cinderella - Sunday 4/1/2007

As I walked up, I heard this girl say, "I' m a little overwhelmed

Her mother and sisters were telling her how good she looked. Doesn't it fit well!? Her sister was taking a photo of her. She was laughing and talking, astonishment in her tones

I said, "Can I take your picture too?"

"Sure-- With my shirt on and everything?"

"Yeah, you look great."

I don't think she'd ever seen herself like this before.

As I walked away, I heard her say, "I don't even have a date!"

"Oh, you will have!" the vendor said.

I hope so!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Bee Good! - Saturday 3/31/2007

Saturday was a beautiful day to be outside. The bees agreed. This one's on the desert primrose at the front of the house.

This one's busy helping the apple tree along. If you click on the shot to see it larger, you can see the globs of pollen on its legs!
Have you heard that bees are disappearing? If they don't survive whatever we've done to them this time, the results could be catastrophic. ]
Here's what the Sierra Club has to say about it.

Griffith Park on Fire - Friday 3/30/2007

Jeez! First behind my house. Now behind where I work!

Not that I'm the center of the universe, but if someone's trying to tell me something, I'm listening.

The fires was brought under control, but there was an amazing amount of smoke and our electricity at work flickered several times.

Meanwhile, Griffith Park is under threat of development. I can't begin to say how much this upsets me. When Hydra and I first came here from Indiana, we lived near Griffith Park and it was a life-saver for me. Having grown up in a rural area, this access to hiking trails, trees, etc was critical for me. We went to the Griffith Observatory often, and always took visitors there for a free and fabulous view of the city and a walk around the historic and filmicly interesting grounds.
Smoke invading the sky.

This park needs to be defended. If you go to the Save Griffith Park website you will find out what various organizations are doing and how you can help. You can also get a free bumper sticker!