Saturday, February 18, 2006

Snow! Saturday - 2/18/2006

Yeah, I’m going all Ansel Adams this morning! There’s a dusting of snow on the mountains across the valley this morning. Love the way the clouds top them off.

Self Portrait in Waiting - Friday 2/17/2006

As reflected in the convex mirror at the exit from a parking garage next to the shuttle stop.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Party's Over - Thursday 2/16/2006

Saw this cut out heart lying on the sidewalk on my route from the shuttle stop to work.

Waiting Room - Thursday 2/15/2006

I took a bunch of old magazines that have stacked up in the bathroom at work and scattered them around the waiting rooms at the medical center when I went there yesterday.

Guess I was wearing my Reading Faerie boots yesterday!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Embracing ambition

This is something I have to do. I have to embrace ambition.

There’s this whole THING with writers and artists about being noble and wanting to create are for the sake of the art. And, yes, on the spiritual level, I want to create something that pleases me, and speaks for me, and helps people think about their own lives. But I also want to create something that’s commercially viable.

I love the art of Alfonse Mucha and Maxfield Parrish. I used to argue with art student friends about guys like them, who were not considered true artists because their art helped sell theater tickets or gelatin.

Is “To Kill a Mockingbird” any less great art because it sold so well? It would be an honor to touch so many people and say something that matters to them.

Just writing this makes me feel VERY uncomfortable. I need to get over this and be okay with crafting and selling my work. With trying harder.

Just look at that image, and tell me that’s not art. How come Vermeer is considered a true artist when he painted portraits on commission? All famous painters paint for money on some level.

Any advice on overcoming this issue of being ashamed of ambition will be much appreciated.

I Am Not Supposed to Be Here - Tuesday 2/14/2006

Yes. These photos were taken at the Glendale station.

Yes, that's the stop AFTER mine. I was having a nice time interacting with my fellow passengers when I recognized the view outside the window as BURBANK. In the seconds it took to grab my backpack, get up, turn back for my tea mug, and get down the stairs--I like to sit at a table on the upper deck--the doors shut. They don't open again even if you push the little button.

Honestly, they shouldn't. Everyone shouldn't have to pay for my mistake. I was pretty upset in the first seconds, and would have liked to have burst into tears, but I didn't. Some nice folks informed me that I could get off at the next stop and that at this early hour there are a lot of trains going back and forth along this part of the line.

It only put me off my schedule by about 20 minutes. Not so bad. Trains only leave Acton every hour or so, so I was initially concerned that I'd be stuck for a long time. I think the Media District shuttle driver took me directly to my stop when he was supposed to wind through the Warner Brothers and NBC lots.

I felt pretty exhilerated as I walked the last six or so blocks to work. It's really nice to share smiles and to let people help you out a little. Much more gratifying than getting angry at the guy weaving in and out of the freeway lanes ahead of you.

Much food for thought in this experiment.

Metrolink - Monday 2/13/2006

I'm trying the train for a week.... Well, except for Wednesday because of an appointment, but I bought a 10-trip ticket so I can ride for 5 days. Monday went smoothly. I wrote for more than an hour in the morning and read two scripts on the ride home.

The whole round trip including getting to the Vincent Grade/Acton station 4 miles from my house and getting to work from the Burbank station using a shuttle takes roughly twice as long each way, but I can get things done and even interact with other human beings. Hmmm.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Steaming Hot - Sunday 2/12/2006

Tamales in my own pot at home. Smells soooo good! I love knowing that I stuffed and folded some of these. Ate one fresh out of the pot. Nothing like it!

Tamale Day - Saturday 2/11/2006

We were invited to make tamales with D’s cousin’s girlfriend’s family this year. Had a great time! I’d never done this before. Tamales are my favorite traditional Mexican food, and they’re a bit complicated to make, but well worth it, I now know.

S made the chicken and pork ahead, so all we had to do was stuff the ojas (corn husks) with the masa, meat and an olive. We made almost 10 dozen all together, not including a few dozen sweet tamales to use up the masa. Took them home to steam them, since there were so many and it takes a few hours.

I have a dozen each of chicken, pork and sweet tamales. Lucky me! Now, all I have to do is refrain from eating them three times a day until I run out!

We were also able to pick oranges from their trees!

Acton City Limits

I came into town the back way Friday night, on Soledad Canyon Road. This sign is posted at the edge of town. Makes me smile.

Inside the Disney Channel Building - Friday 2/10/2006

Light, lines, angles. I go here for the ATM.