Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Few Words About Ironing - Sunday 9/28/2009

I am not much of an ironer. If it has to be ironed, it probably doesn't belong in my closet. I have to like something an awful lot--like this lightweight cotton blouse--to put myself through the pain and humiliation of ironing.

Really. I'm one of those people who irons one side of the shirt sleeve only to press creases into the other side. I get done and it hardly looks any better than when I started.

Sometimes people say they think I have great patience and concentration to be able to write, but honestly they would not admire me in the least if they saw me ironing.

I guess I knew when I bought it that the light cotton shirt might bring me grief. But I think that the capri pants in the foreground here really sent the wrong message. I mean, honestly, with a pattern like that and little ties at the waist and cuff, they absolutely coo that they'll be fun.

If they'd given me the slightest hint that they would require that I iron all four cute little pocket flaps every time I wash them, they'd still be hanging on the rack at Kohl's.

You know what really busts my chops? Napkins that need to be ironed!

I guess most people don't use them every day, so they don't need to be ironed that often. But I switched to cloth napkins a long time ago. I reuse them for a few days, reducing paper waste.

The ones that are the most absorbant tend to need ironing to keep the seams straight. Usually I don't bother, but since the ironing board was out of its hiding place, I thought I'd give them the Ritz treatment.

Do you iron? Does it make you happy?

Oh...I ironed because my friend A&E invited me to see House of Blue Leaves with him at the Mark Taper Forum. It was a fun evening. We started with French dips at Philippe's.

Cool Thing: Philippe's is the birthplace of the French Dip Sandwich, and they're turning 100 in October. To celebrate they're turning prices back to 1908. This means 5 cent coffee and 10 cent sandwiches after 4pm. Wow! Click here for info, videos, etc.


Stace said...

Hmm, you don't like ironing, eh? My advice is: never, ever, take up quilting. I was so surprised to find out how much quilting was actually ironing!

Cute clothes :)

Sundry said...

Oh...You're right. That sounds like no fun. I just donated the one and only quilt I ever tried to make. I basically bought quilting squares and made little pillows out of them and then hooked them all together. It never got big enough for an adult, but it'd be warm for a baby. I just hope it doesn't warp too much when washed! I didn't prewash the fabric. (I started it when I was in college, so I could keep my hands busy and not feel guilty about watching TV sometimes.)

fingerstothebone said...

I love to iron! It's a great time to think about things while your body is doing something that doesn't require much brain power. And you don't have to watch out for traffic.

I iron every Sunday afternoon, mostly my husbands shirts and yes, napkins & placemats. (After *he* finishes the laundry.)

I think of it as my weekly half hour meditation.

Sundry said...

Ha! It requires brain power for me! And two or three pieces take me way more than half an hour. Guess I'll have to get into a zen state next time...

Stace said...

But I do wonder: would you like ironing if it were more...EXTREME?!

You could combine ironing with your love for the outdoors!

Anonymous said...

hmmm I was glad to see the explanation of a french dip...I had a quick vision of the 2 of you dipping into the sea along the Riviera...sans ironable coverings, of French! k