Saturday, September 27, 2008

Littlerock, CA - Saturday 9/27/2008

No, this abandoned house isn't exactly typical of the homes in Littlerock, California. But dang, the town is gasping. It's only a couple hundred people smaller than Lone Pine at 1450, but it doesn't have the tourist draw of Mount Whitney or trout fishing.

Although it lies along the currently expanding Highway 138, it's reminiscent of Route 66 after it's heyday. Permanent fruit stands and the old-style roadside gift shop Charlie Brown Farms (which serves barbecue and sandwiches and dozens of types of shakes) line the main drag.

We went out this way to check out yard sales. There's a festival at Saint Andrew's Abbey every fall, and the locals know that thousands of Los Angelinos head this way to buy up the monks' ceramic angels.

We didn't find anything we wanted, which was okay. But it was also a little sad. Not everyone's up against it, but a lot of people in Littlerock seem to be hurting financially. At least they can grow chickens in their yards. (Wish I could!)


KathyR said...

What would Dodger think of a yard full of chickens?!

Sundry said...

I'm not sure. Chickens are pretty vocal, so he'd probably pick up some language. He likes to watch the finches and sparrows in the back yard, and the ravens that fly overhead--but the latter can be a bit challenging. (Read: frightening!) Chickens, I think he'd enjoy.