Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes - Wednesday 9/24/2008

Or, Here Are Some Pretty Flowers for You.

See? Even I am getting bored with this posting a photo every day thing.

Or, not really so much bored as frustrated that I sometimes get behind in posting due to lack of time to post or to delays in Blogger uploading photos. And then the pix are old and the news is old.

And, truthfully, you are missing out on the pithiest of pith because often when I actually have something to say, the looming aspect of the posts I have not gotten to stifles me. So I go back and fill in, and by that time I have forgotten my Most Amazing Thoughts.

Like this one: That Henry Paulson looks way too much like one of the super-creepy gentlemen from the "Hush" episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for comfort.

See? Wouldn't you rather have amazingly pertinent and important comments like that when the mood hits me than a photo a day? Especially when it gets to the point that I am taking photos of each and every flowering thing in my yard.

I've taken a photo a days and blogged about it since September 21, 2005. Three years!

So spooky as it feels, I'm going to change that now and just cool it a bit. Probably will still post very frequently.


Anonymous said...

Gad zooks! That is funny. ...and where is Buffy when we need her.

KathyR said...


Yes, please! Post away!

Stace said...

AHHHH! Oh my God! Well do I remember that epi!

You know, I read Twilight the other day. Sadly, Stephanie Meyer is no Joss Whedon.

BobR said...

That's hilarious!

Indeed the "pithiest of the pith."

(Funny, you didn't used to have a lisp ;-).