Saturday, February 16, 2008

Back to the UnUrban Cafe - Friday 2/15/2008

Hydra had another guitar lesson, so I tagged along and he dropped me at the UnUrban Cafe again. Wow, do I like this place. It had a different attitude on what I take to be a slower than usual Friday afternoon.

I sat at a cool old kitchen table and wrote for about an hour. I thought I took lots of photos of the interior, but I screwed up and had something set wrong in my camera and didn't check the shots and...well.

Discovered my folly when I was standing across the street making it easier for Hydra to pick me up in the horrible traffic.

Another lady in waiting. Her bus in shining armor arrived shortly.

I'm just posting this one because even though it's kind of random, it has a better point of view than the others.

And can you see my shadow? Apparently, around 5pm at this time of the year I am quite leggy and slender!

If you're in the area of the UnUrban Coffee House and you like the funky coffee house, do check it out at 3301 Pico, Santa Monica (near the corner of 34th.) If this were closer to home, it would be my other living room. Oh, and the iced coffee is wonderful. It actually has hints of chocolate in the first sip, even though it's straight coffee.

Another recommendation: Tlapazola Grill at Gateway and Barrington. I'm posting reviews to TripAdvisor, which I'll link to later.

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