Sunday, June 15, 2008

To Bike or Not to Bike - Saturday 6/14/2008

You might also be amused at the amount of attention this motorcycle garnered outside of Starbucks on Saturday morning.

Like me, everyone's thinking that these babies get some impressive gas mileage. And maybe we could just talk ourselves (and let's be honest, our spouses) into getting one.

I tell myself I'd never split lanes.

For those of you living in sane states, "splitting lanes" is the completely legal practice of driving a motorcycle between lanes of moving traffic. You aren't supposed to go more than 10 mph faster than the surrounding traffic. Really, they should warn you about this when you rent a car in's not a nice surprise when you're figuring out he freeway system.

Be that as it may, I'd just use the carpool lane like a regular citizen. Even if the 5 was backed up for the entire seven miles between the 170 and the 14.

I'd get over to Sierra Highway as soon as I could. I'd never accidentally hit a patch of fallen rock and gravel and spin uncontrollably across the pavement and into the ditch, minus some major skin acreage...

See? That's the way it always ends up going, for me.

Meanwhile, back inside Starbucks, I was impressed with how well this woman pulled off these shoes.


KathyR said...

I try to skooch (how do you spell scootch, scooch, skootch?) over so that the motorcycles can pass more easily. Seems to me like a pretty rough way to travel. I'll stay in my air-conditioned glass and steel bubble, thanks.

Sundry said...

Yeah, I'm a skootcher too, when I notice them. I haven't ridden a motorized bike since my little huffy minibike when I was 12-16. I drove that thing all over the place. Of course, all over the place was country roads well away from even 2-lane highway...