Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Odd Job Seeker - Wednesday 7/23/2008

Because our little town goes through growth spurts every so often, you see a lot of these group mailboxes around. It saves the post office sending someone around to each and every house in our 154-house complex.

People post notices on the mailboxes. Usually advertisements for the Homeowners' Association meetings or for Bingo night at the club house. (Yes, I'm serious.)

The middle one, hoping for the return of a darling lost cat has been there the longest. I hope they find her. Odds are not good out here in coyote country.

The top one gave me a laugh because I misread it as "Lost Bed" when I first saw it. I'm thinking how the heck do you lose a bed!? bed. I see!

This one showed up yesterday. It made me smile for so many reasons.


KathyR said...

Oh, I hope Cody gets some work. I have a 15, too.

Sundry said...

kathyr- It would help if he would practice not writing like a budding serial killer!