Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rollin'! - Tuesday, 7/29/2008

Wow, we really felt this morning's 5.8 earthquake in Burbank this morning, even though we're about 45 miles from the epicenter.

The building shook and then it rolled. It went on long enough that I bent over and considered whether it would be better to duck under my desk or my computer table.

We're on the second floor of a two-story building. The window blinds swayed for a while after the movement had probably stopped, but it's disorienting. I felt like I might still be moving!

I have already gone to the USGS site and entered my experience in their database. I think it's cool that they gather anecdotal information. If you felt it, you can report too! (Click on USGS and then when on the site, click on Report an Earthquake.)

You can also just use it to look at the activity that's going on right now. They've had two aftershocks already!

P.S. My all-time favorite earthquake video. I was working in a restaurant in Century City during this one, and the TVs started bouncing on their chains. The cooks ran out of the kitchen because the grease in the big deep fryers started sloshing out!


KathyR said...

OK. I'm not even going to click on the video because it HAS to be Kent Schockneck Shoknek Shockneck (how the heck to you spell it?) diving under the desk on live TV, right?

I went right to the USGS, too. Because the news dogs will be yapping about it all day and I can wait to see them until after they calm down.

Sundry said...

Yeah, they were still on it when I got to the gym around 3pm. Interrupted on Fox 11 by a high speed chase (114 mph) on the 118 and then going the wrong direction on the 405. "It's a quintessential Southern California newsday!" the reporter crowed, "An earthquake AND a freeway chase!"

And it's spelling Aftershocknek. Poor guy, he did just the right thing. I like the end shot of the slowly spinning empty chairs.