Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Writing Group - Monday 7/7/2008

Writing group meeting last night was as perfect as this vase of flowers on Braveheart's dining room table. It was so good to be in Tomasina and Braveheart's company again after a three-week hiatus.

We each read for about 20 minutes. We like each other's work, and we agree that we all have good taste. Their respect helps me take myself more seriously.

I'm so lucky!

I stepped barefoot onto the wide steps leading from the dining room to the patio. Cool air moved across the the yard to me, but the stone beneath my feet retained the sun's heat. It was the perfect Mediterranean moment.

Jimmy agreed, wriggling seductively in front of me till I stooped and scratched his belly. Braveheart only suspects the depths of our affection for one another...


thelastnoel said...

Ah, a writing group. I need to find one of those. Then I wouldn't always feel to suicidal about my work.

Sundry said...

Seriously! It's great to have people who care that you're working. Well, I do, and your fans do. I'll bet you could round up some good people to swap war stories and pages with.

One thing I'd recommend is meeting in someone's home, if you can. Doesn't have to be fancy, but as much as I love diners and coffee houses, it's easier to be honest in private.