Sunday, September 14, 2008

Faygo - Sunday 9/14/2008

What? Doesn't everyone take her groceries out to the yard for a photo shoot?

OneL has never heard of Faygo. Never heard of Faygo!??

I guess it was a regional thing. It was and is bottled in Detroit. Maybe that's why I haven't seen it in years. It's being sold at BevMo stores in California as a novelty.

Faygo Redpop, the orignial Redpop. Once my beverage of choice. I remember sitting on the basement stairs with Anabahabek talking about the elections. We both decided on Hubert Humphrey, so I guess you could say I've been a Democrat since I was seven years old.

Faygo Cream Soda. A little rarer than some flavors. I remember it being a special thing to walk to a little neighborhood store from my Grandma B's house in Huntington, Indiana to buy a pop. I vividly recall tilting my head back and swigging as I barefooted it back to her house on the hot sidewalk.

Faygo Rock & Rye. It says "Cream Cola" on the bottle. I don't remember having this, but then I've never been a huge cola fan. Cream cola? I'll let you know.

Faygo Orange. Was it Faygo Orange or Nehi Orange I fed to a pony in Kentucky when we were on vacation? You got to ride the pony and you could buy it a drink after. Quaint.

Anabahabek and I bucked the cola-as-a-mature-drink trend and sipped orange soda all through high school. Rebel, rebel... Sing it girls!

Faygo Grape. I remember reaching down into the icy water of the old fashioned cooler at the back of Goss's Grocery at Big Lake to fetch a cold one. Everything tasted better after a swim in the lake.


KathyR said...

I've never heard of Faygo either. But I've got a BevMo nearby...

Sundry said...

I had the orange last night and I have to say it's like candy in a bottle! So sweet. It boasts that it contains 100% pure cane sugar though, so at least no demon corn syrup.

I had to water it down with some vanilla ice cream half way through. It's like an ode to the creamsicle written right in your mouth.

Trammel said...

Life is just unfair. Lucky for me, I have a about 6 cans of Vernors left, one of which will be going down tonight!
Carbonated candy in a bottle!

Anonymous said...

Oh the stagecoach was a headin'
through the mountains

Wells Faygo Express


Anonymous said...

Wow...In Indiana we have Faygo on every shelf-cans, plastic 16oz bottles and 2-litres. There are about 12-15 'flvoars' on any given Kroger shelf! BUT, they look nothing like what is pictured here. Apparently in California our Indiana staple 'pop' has aquired a vintage look. I much prefer your version though.
Here in IN anyone can get a 12 pack (cans) of any Faygo beverage for less than $2.50. I assume it is slightly higher in CA??

Sundry said...

Oh, to live and laugh again in the land of Faygo and Seyferts! Hang on to your seat... I paid $1.49 a bottle for the stuff!

But I'm not sure I would have given a six pack of cans the supermodel treatment.

YourFireAnt said...

Very evocative photo. Lovely.