Thursday, October 16, 2008

Last Night's Debate : My 22 Cents

When I walked into Andrew's NoHo Diner this morning, this cobwebbed fellow reminded me of John McCain. There's even a reference to his military service hovering behind him.

Of course, if this were John McCain, he would be lot paler. And a lot angrier.

It became even more clear last night that John McCain has no poker face whatsoever. He keeps chastising Barack Obama for showing his cards by saying what he would or wouldn't do regarding foreign policy ("You don't say that out loud!") But seriously, McCain's furious half the time and he can't keep it off his face. Is this the man we want negotiating settlements with hostile nations?

I think not.

And stop telling me I'm angry about the country's financial meltdown. I'm--- What am I? I'm aghast. I'm bewildered. I'm a little afraid. But what does angry get you? Nothing rational.

McCain's given up trying to be rational and is just resorting to spreading rumors started by bloggers like me. (And you know you can't trust us.) He's already got his base in his pocket, what he needed to do last night was gain people who find themselves in the center politically, and I can't imagine he did that.

I agree with Barak Obama regarding abortion rights. No one wants more abortions. But I believe that it's a woman's choice and it needs to remain legal.

I understand what McCain was trying to get at when he commented on the definition of a "woman's health" being stretched to allow late term abortions to women whose lives aren't actually in danger. But an across the board ban is just wrong. As Rachel Maddow commented on the MSNB post-game show, this means you're forcing a woman to take a pregnancy to full term even if it's going to kill her. I can't agree with that.

There's no equivalent for men. There just isn't. Unless you want to say that the prostate is involved in reproduction, so if you get prostate cancer you can't treat it because of loss of potential life.

I'm excited that I might have an opportunity to opt into the same health care system that serves federal employees. As Obama said in the prior debate, John F. Kennedy didn't know how we were going to get to the moon when he set it as a goal for the end of the sixties, but you have to set your intentions if you're going to get a thing done.

I loved Barack Obama's composure. I loved that he actually answered most of the questions. It was great that he confronted McCain about the rabble rousing that Sarah Palin's been doing and which she is not responding to responsibly. McCain's claim that Obama was somehow putting down the 99% of reasonable people at the rallies where epithets have been slung--- Well, that was just a pathetic attempt to make Obama look elitist.

Guess what? I want a smart president. I want an educated, thoughtful, flexible, hopeful, inspiring president. I want the person with his or her finger on the button to at least be able to pronounce the word "nuclear."

I'll say it right out loud, I want an eloquent president.

Okay, there are probably pictures of me out there that are almost this embarrassing, but this shot from the debate last night is just too funny not to pass up. Click on the photo to see where I found it.

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