Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve Dinner - Tuesday 12/23/2008

We have this tradition of having live lobster--or lately the more affordable King Crab--for Christmas Eve dinner. It started many many moons ago with our friend Mishegoss, who has since returned to the land of Spartans and Wolverines.

But we were out and about a day early, hunting and gathering supplies for the Christmas Day meal we're hosting and we thought we might as well spread the feasting out a bit more.

It was made more festive by the butterlights and shellfish tools that Mishegoss sent us a few years ago. It's a little like sharing the meal with him, minus the good humor and wonderful foodie color commentary he brings to the table.

Sigh. That's the bittersweetness of the holidays. The good memories, the new traditions, the old traditions, the homesickness for people and times of our lives.

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