Thursday, January 15, 2009

Belated Christmas Tea - Friday 1/8/2009

It's hard for me to believe that this was actually so long ago, probably because I was out of it for the next four days with a nasty cold.

We didn't have our Christmas tea before the holidays because I and another coworker were snowed in. Then the boss announced after we came back that there isn't enough money for us to go to tea. This was a terrible mistake, morale-wise.

But Weens came up with the idea of doing our own little tea along with the delayed Secret Santa exchange! So she went to Porto's for pastries and I brought in some of my teacups and my big happy Chatsford teapot (famous in tea circles, dontcha know?) and we had a very nice little gathering.

Weens' Christmas Queen presided over it all!

Cause I know you want a better look. These things are filled with guava, coconut, currents, almond paste, cherries, pears, etc. MMM.

The only dark note was that two people had Jens' name in the Secret Santa exchange and no one had OneL's! And I think it's my fault! Because after the holidays I'd forgotten and Jens told me I had her and she had me, which I had reason to believe.

So wrong. My fault for not remembering. And believe me, OneL is the person to whom this stuff matters the most. She dealt, but it was too bad.

I received some cool techno music from Jens.

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