Thursday, January 01, 2009

That New Year's Post - Thursday 1/1/2009

It is so, so very nice to be home day after day. We're all as calm and happy as this.

Had a nice breakfast with History and Cowgirl, and sat around the table and in the living room talking until late in the morning. Lovely way to start the new year.

Of course, the new year is that time when we look back and forward.

I always get this hollow feeling that I haven't accomplished much. I didn't publish enough, or even submit enough. I didn't follow through on some ideas. I didn't finish rewriting my 2006 NaNoWriMo novel. I didn't rewrite my first novel. I didn't lose 20 pounds. I still haven't figured out what to do with all the wood in the back yard from the tree that broke in half in October.

I didn't become perfect in every way, or even in a few ways.

Thank goodness, I have this online community, 43 Things, that helps me set goals and keep track of my progress. I can look back and see that a few things did actually get done. I'm going to tag some people to do this too.

10 Things I'm happy I accomplished in 2008.

1) I read 46 books in 2008

Favorites were The Last Summer of the World by Emily Mitchell, All Will be Revealed by Robert Anthony Spiegel, Exploring with Fremont by Charles Preuss, How to Pick a Peach by Russ Parsons, The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith, So Brave Young and Handsome by Leif Enger, and The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean.

2) Connected with people: I visited my brother in Texas, met two people I previously only knew online, and vacationed with my old friend in Santa Fe for a few days, called my mother a lot, called my sister quite a bit, spent time with Hydra's cousins.

3) I tried about 25 new recipes.

4) I made a lot of my Christmas gifts.

5) Although it was called the Fall 2007 issue, my essay came out in Weber: The Contemporary West in January.

6) Poets & Writers published a photograph I took.

7) I watched 120 movies in 2008. That's whatever that is. I guess I feel good that I wrote personal reviews of all of them on my other blog, Curioscopy.

8) Gave three $25 loans through

9) Visited 10 cultural institutions in 2008. My favorites : Taos Pueblo, Petroglyph National Monument, The California Route 66 Museum, Manzanar National Historic Site.

10) Met with my writing group every other week. They sustain me.

I'm tagging Los Angelista, The Last Noel, KathyR, Fingers to the Bone and Yesha to do this too! Because I'm interested and so I won't feel like such a braggart.

Anyone who'd like to comment with their own list, I'd love it! Some of you don't have blogs...imagine that!


Anonymous said...

hmmm...let's see...After I returned from Mexico in March I didn't follow through and find a local Spanish speaker to team up with. I didn't keep in as close touch with my grandchildren as I meant to, I didn't take advantage of the trails and weather to walk more while visiting in CA. In fact I haven't walked as much at home as I mean to! I wasted much time on the computer.

On the plus side...I danced 3 times a week at the YMCA, I made several new friends, I entertained at nursing homes, I studied Spanish in Mexico and traveled outside the usual places while there, I was able to really help out some people when they needed it. I traveled a bit with both daughters and remain close to all my children. Guess that's it. k

Sundry said...

Kitty - I'd add "hosted a warm and entertaining Christmas Day" to the plus side. Interesting to see the down side. I have to say I spent too much time playing faux Scrabble online...way too much.

why said...

Hey Sundry,
Thanks for tagging me!

and, super congratulations on getting your essay published! Kudos! I would love to read it sometime! (is it available online?)

btw, I have created a mix for you. But betwixt the mix and the postbox is many a slip. Meaning I am bad at actually getting things mailed. Wish me luck.

Sundry said...

Thanks, Why! (aka Bookish)

There's a link to the essay in the upper right corner of this blog. Weber...

Don't worry a bit about when the mix gets in the mail. It'll be fun whenver I get it and the last thing I want is for you to stress about it. Plus it eases the pressure on my returning the favor!

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