Saturday, March 21, 2009

Eh? - Saturday 3/21/2009

Yeah, yeah. It's a beautiful day in Heritage Valley, but I didn't take any pictures of the oranges and orange blossoms on the trees, or the mountains wreathed in clouds.

I took a photo of this bizarre egg salad sandwich Hydra bought at Starbucks. There was a whole danged egg in the middle of it.

Yeah, I don't have any illusions that those sandwiches at the 'Bucks are made with a lot of care, but you'd think someone would have noticed a whole egg getting into a sandwich unchopped.

Starbucks is in trouble, and it's not just because they've saturated the market.


KathyR said...

What the?

Well, it is an "egg salad," not a "chopped eggs salad," I guess.

citizen of the world said...

Here via Los Angelista. That's the freakiest egg sandwich I've ever seen.

Sundry said...

KathyR- I guess you have to read the fine print.

Citizen - Thanks for dropping by. Pretty much less topical over here, especially this week! [blush]

Anonymous said...

It was not a very good sandwich. What's even worse is that, since you've been sick, you haven't updated your blog. Every time I've gone to your blog lately, I have to relive eating the darn thing, because it's been the first picture I've seen for days. Have a heart, will ya. Hydra