Monday, April 27, 2009

Yogalicious! - Monday 4/27/2009

The omelet kit I brought to work with me for lunch today. Farm fresh free range eggs from Acton, CA . As close as it gets without having chicken feathers all over the back yard.

Yes, you can make an omelet of sorts in the microwave. I sliced and cooked the mushrooms for a couple of minutes, then added the tomatoes for 30 seconds. Cooked the eggs in a separate (oiled) bowl. Put the sugar snap peas on top of the cooked eggs and poured the hot mushroom/tomato mix over them to heat them a little.

Yum. Really.

OneL thought I might like to put these cheese chicks crackers on my blog. She was right!

But mostly, I wanted to tell you that I finally got back to the gym after almost a month's absence. The first three weeks were due to a bout of bronchitis that left me coughing after I even walked fast. Then the last week was just procrastination and the fact that I had to renew my gym membership (which I got a great deal on through Costco).

But anyway, last night I went for a yoga class and it was fabulous. Of course I am not as limber as I was a month ago--and honestly, I am a bit flexibility-challenged at best--but it was terrific. I seriously became blissed out by the end of the class.

I wish I could get to yoga more often. It's a complete treat. I could feel the vertebrae in my upper back easing apart in the most necessary way.

I returned a block to the teacher after class and told her it was wonderful and that I was a little loopy. I really was. Just euphoric. She put her hands up in a sort of double-high-five gesture, and then almost knocked me over with her gentle palm-slap. I guess I really was floating.


Boise Bound said...

Yogini! Welcome to the wonderful world of yoga! You sound as hooked as I was on my first class (where I did my first headstand since I was a girl) and I'm so glad. It's a wonderful pursuit.


Sundry said...

BB- Ha, yeah, I'd been doing it for a few years with DVDs when I finally took a class about a year ago at the gym. You were right, it really is a different experience. I really like this instructor and wish she offered more classes at times I could take them. As I drove home after this class I was thinking of you inviting me to come to a class with you, and me foolishly decling. I still haven't done a headstand, though!