Saturday, June 13, 2009

Paducah's Artist Relocation Program - Saturday

We met artist Nancy Calcutt in her gallery in Paducah's Lower Town Arts District. It was open studio day, which comes around every second Saturday of the month.

This town of some 26,000 people created an amazing program in 2000 in which they help artists relocate from other parts of the country to the historic neighborhood. Nancy told us that the artists meet once a month to discuss the business end of being an artist in a community like this, since many of them had had showings, etc., but hadn't owned their own space before.

Know an established artist who could use a break? Send them to the Artist Relocation Program, and they might just end up with their own home/gallery/studio. There's info and an application on the site. I just looked at the available properties and they are really amazing.

Her portraits are my favorite. Love the colors in this one.

I recognized the subject of the painting to the bottom right as someone we'd just seen hanging out at Etcetera. He's a local.

Nancy's home on the left and gallery/studio on the right.

Wow, do you think they could use some writers down there to round out the culture? I'd be willing to put my words on a wall!

Observe the dreamy expression on KFlight's face when talking about practicing her own art form, pottery. I hope she does get into a class before too long. It's so good for the soul to get caught up in your art, whatever it is.


Stefanie Graves said...

Thanks for the plug. Paducah is an amazing place with a great spirit. And of course writers are welcome! It's not just for visual artists, but every kind.

Another Paducah artist,
Stefanie Graves

madre-terra said...

Greetings from another Paducah Artist!

We made the jump just about a year ago and took over one of the city's demolition candidates... a yaer later we have a Gallery, Studio, Cookie Bar, One bedroom guest apt., and a Home!

Plenty of room left at the table! Come on down!

Blessings abound, Michael Terra

Sundry said...

Wow, this is amazing! I'm going to spread the word. I was impressed with the town. Where did each of you relocate from?

tallartist said...

Thank you for sharing your lowertown arts district experience. We appreceiate it!

Gretchen M. Smith

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