Thursday, February 07, 2008

Carson Mesa Drive - Thursday 2/7/2008

I've been wanting to drive up Carson Mesa Road for a long time just to see what it's like up there. Nice view of the mountains over toward Gorman (I think.) I'd given myself the assignment to have a small personal adventure today.

That body of water is the Palmdale Reservoir, which you pass on the 14 if you, like I, drive in and out of Palmdale. Before it was a reservoir, it was Lake Howard...which was technically a sag pond on the San Andreas Fault. Click here for a cool Landsat photograph that shows the fault more prominently.

Psst. They're building the massive Ritter Ranch housing development further up the fault line. There's a really lovely video interview with Ralph Ritter, telling the story of the beautiful land that is going to be bulldozed flat. It gives me a little knot in my stomach to think about it.

Way up Carson Mesa, it's all black and white, just like Kansas.


Los Angelista said...

It's so sad that such beauty is going to be turned into cookie cutter housing developments. It's lovely out there.

Sundry said...

I'm wondering if this project will be hampered by the current mortgage problem. They started to develop it right before the last bust happened and all work halted. This time, though, there is a massive widening of the road already in progress. Which, no doubt, we as citizens of Los Angeles County are funding. Harumph.