Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday vs. Pancake Day - Tuesday 2/5/2008

Today is Pancake Day in the UK, Canada and Australia. I found this out when I visited 43Things this morning. I rose to the occasion and made some pancakes. Everything must be shared with the parrot, except for chocolate, coffee and avocados, which are not good for him.

Just as I poured hot syrup over my steaming 'cakes, the phone rang. It was OneL, seeking a discussion of the rather confusing ballot measure 93. I foresook the pancakes and looked at the materials again. I think we both understand it a little better, but I'm not sure how much it matters.

I am not terribly happy about term limits in general. Why shouldn't we be able to keep a person in office if we choose to? And if we stop liking them, there's always another election.

Shortly, I will rise to the other occasion and saunter down to the clubhouse in my neighborhood to vote. I am excited that I will be able to wear my "I Voted" button all day today. Usually I vote after work.

Today I'm not working, but I'm going to take over Mags's class at Taking the Reins while she's out of town today. So I'll show off my sticker to the kids. I'm looking forward to it with a little trepidation, and am happy to have a chance to get my feet wet teaching before I have a class of my own.

"Why must you invade even my most intimate moments?"


Los Angelista said...

I feel like I need TWO law degrees to understand some of these propositions.

Sundry said...

Yeah, no kidding. The KPCC website had a nice little quiz about prop 93, which helped me understand it better. I usually check out what the California League of Women Voters has to say about them, too. I feel I can trust their analysis.