Thursday, February 21, 2008

Guitar Man - Monday 2/18/2008

It looks like it was foggy while I waited in the car for Hydra to pick up some new strings for the classical guitar he bid on and won at the Round-up auction yesterday. Actually, the flash went off unintentionally (well, I guess I can't speak for the flash's intentions, but I was surprised) and this was the effect.

We looked the guitar up online and besides sounding lovely, it seems to be a very good one made by a renowned L.A. luthier.

Hydra, should I say what kind??

Soapbox: What has the Congress been doing, having hearings on drug and steroid use in sports? Don't we have a war going on? Don't we have plenty of other things that they are actually supposed to be doing? Drug and steroid use is a matter better left to law enforcement and the leagues themselves. If the leagues aren't paying enough attention, doesn't it fall to law enforcement rather than Congress!?

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