Thursday, February 21, 2008

Joy & Consternation - Wednesday 2/20/2008

I'd say this photo just about sums up the joy of diners before dawn.

Because of the leaded beveled glass windows and the Tiffany style light fixtures at Sitton's, there's a lot of interesting light in here.

I had a better experience here today than last week. Compared the short stack of pancakes with Twain's and they were good...a little denser and smaller, maybe. Learned that my server last time and this time is very new, hence her hesitation about my questions.

Found out from another waitress that Nick, to whom many of the photos on the wall are dedicated, is "Papa Nick" and that he owns this whole block of Magnolia Boulevard. I think she said that it was opened in 1958.

Noticed this guy down from the right side of the front door. He seems to be pleased with the rain pouring down this morning.

But perhaps all is not as it seems! It wasn't until I loaded it onto this blog that I saw the sinister implications of this shot.

His left arm is chained to that post. Is there a hint of desperation lurking behind his smile?

And look! Not Bob is chained up too! And they took away his cigarette. His only joy in life may have been that cigarette. (sniffle)

Weird that I happened to get the chain in this shot, too, without noticing it.

I'm going to keep my eye on this place, let me tell you. There's a definite Twilight Zone vibe going on out front.

[Note to family: If I disappear on my way to work one morning, check here for a new smiling woman statue with a notebook tucked into her apron.]

Cool Thing: This interview with Hetta Laurena Carter, who picnicked below the Saint Francis Dam a few days before it collapsed, causing the U.S.'s second largest man-made disaster is really fascinating. Hydra, Mom and I have been to this site several times over the past decade or so.


Anonymous said...

Isn't there some sort of price to pay for being just TOO smart-alexy? (Is that a word?) k

Los Angelista said...

I want to think some crazy college kids came and tried to steal Bob away. But it's more entertaining to believe in the Twilight Zone version of things.

Glad the pancakes were decent. If those got messed up there was no hope for the place.