Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The L.A. Experience - Monday 3/24/2008

Trust me, I wasn't endangering anyone's life by snapping this and the next couple of photos as I crawled through the 101 to 110 to 10 in downtown Los Angeles yesterday afternoon. (How does anyone from out of town keep those numbers and directions in their head when they go through here for the first time?)

There was plenty of time to sight see!

Including the (apparently) Leaning Tower of L.A.

I was going from meeting an amazing fellow blogger (who can identify herself if she's comfortable with that), who turned out to be even more interesting and beautiful in person. We've emailed privately some, and have read each other's blogs, and it was a pretty good bet that neither of us were going to cause the other harm.

We were right! We win!

Oh, and she introduced me to the amazing Casbah Cafe, where they had stacks of tomatoes on the counter, and big bowls of dates and apricots you could order along with the usual coffee house fare. Wow, I could go back again and again!

I was thrilled that Braveheart's local gang of parrots flew overhead as I parked my car in front of her house. Luckily, there were engaged enough with the yummy stuff in this tree that I could get close enough to snap a shot with my little Canon point-and-shoot.

Here's what they were eating. It does look tempting!

Inside, we critiqued and celebrated Tomasina's amazing rewrite of her current novel-in-progress, which I predict will be published soon (by publishing industry standards!) So fun to read!


Los Angelista said...

Goodness, it was so fun to meet you! Of course I don't mind being ID'd.

And how did I miss that you'd never been to Casbah before? I'm an idiot. Well you definitely have to go back again. I do lots of my people watching there.

Anonymous said...

Holy smoke! Look at the top picture of this series. There is an alien space craft materializing in the upper right corner of the frame. You were almost beamed up to have a close encounter! Area 51 enthusiasts eat your heart out. It's all happening right here in the Big Orange! -- Hydra

Sundry said...

Los Angelista- Ha...well, just thought you might not want all your adoring fans expecting a personal audience! It was great meeting you,too!

Hydra- Cue the friendly "Close Encounters" music, okay? Not the shark music.