Monday, March 03, 2008

Land Sharks! - Saturday 3/2/2008

Hydra spotted these land sharks just in time to avoid disaster!! Watch out for them in the meridian of Burbank Boulevard by Balboa Park. These guys must be hungry!

Sepulveda Dam was open. I dunno, big public works always impress me.

We ascended from the gloom that was the San Fernando Valley on Saturday to find our own yard getting its bloom on. It was too windy for the fog to hang around.


Anonymous said...

Land sharks! Did you figure out what those things are? Look like upside down plow points. (now how many people know that?)

Have you ever actually seen water gushing through the dam?

What a pretty blaze of color already in your yard!

Sundry said...

Anon - The "fins" are parts of palm trees,down where the frond attaches to the trunk.

Um, I think this is a photo of water rushing through the dam. ;)

Actually, I've seen this part of the road completely underwater. When that happens I presume that the dam is partially open to let some water through, but not enough to flood Sherman Oaks and Studio City downstream.

Rosemary and African violets in the yard! Thanks!