Friday, February 29, 2008

24 Hour Prices - Friday 2/29/2008

I've been thinking about the other two all night diners that Chuck at Twain's told me about last week: Dupar's and Jerry's, both on Ventura Boulevard. I didn't like Jerry's much when I went there years and years ago, but it's since burnt down and been rebuilt, I think.

I dropped in on Dupar's on Ventura this morning.

Yikes! When did breakfast prices get so high? Or is that partly because these diners are all-night establishments that serve the meal all day long? $7.00 for a short stack of 3 pancakes? $7.00 for two eggs, hashbrowns and toast?

It was very quiet here this morning. The music was good. Heard some REM and the like.

What am I learning here? That the grass isn't greener at other diners. And it's sure not cheaper. I think Bob's Big Boy has about the best prices in the Valley, in an unscientific comparison. Maybe I should make the rounds and make more notes.

Kind of not ready to go back to Bob's. It'll be nice to see the people there, but I also feel like I'll have to talk about the whole strike thing and for some reason I just don't want to. It'll blow over after the first day, certainly, but... Ah, who knows? I'll get back over there.

Meanwhile, check this out:

Cool Thing: This week I had the pleasure of talking with the gregarious Neal Schiff of the FBI during the course of my job. Turns out that as well as answering questions for researchers like myself, he hosts a pair of interesting online radio shows, the eclectic "FBI, This Week" which covers the inner workings of the FBI now and historically and the fascinating "Gotcha," which features closed FBI cases. You can either listen in online or read the transcript. Both are updated weekly, on Fridays.


Anonymous said...

My son and I had Sunday breakfast at Fort Wayne's last Big Boy yesterday. It was yummy...2 eggs, hash browns and pancakes for him--I chose the same but w french toast instead of the cakes. WITH coffee and the total bill for the two of us was less just over $9.00. Ahhhh...Indiana prices for a hot breakfast can make up for a bit of the snow and ice!

Sundry said...

Deb- Is that still an Azar's Big Boy? My mom and I used to go to one up on the bypass when I was a kid. We'd split a fabulous fish sandwhich and fries.

There's an Azar's menu on the wall at the Bob's Big Boy I go to in Burbank.

Wow, those are great prices!

Anonymous said... IS an Azar's Big Boy (I find it disturbing that there is any other kind!)
No, the one on the bypass is gone, the only one left is in Waynedale on Bluffton Road. But Big Boy himself still stands guard and they still have the great fish sandwiches AND the incredible Strawberry Pie. (Which I have come to understand is not a universal treat--I have lived all over the country and people usually look at me strangely when I mention strawberry pie)
My brother lives in TX and he insists we stop for a piece of strawberry pie and a vanilla coke as soon as I pick her up from the airport!

Sundry said...

Yum, strawberry pie! It's sad to think some are uninitiated. It's on the menu in Burbank, too.

My first encounter with a non-Azar's Big Boy was in Michigan, where it's Elias Brothers. Eh?!

I have a Big Boy bobble head on my from a friend!