Sunday, February 24, 2008

Last Day of Freedom - Friday 2/22/2008

Okay, yeah, the title may be a bit dramatic. The good news is that work is picking up enough at last, post WGA strike, that we've all been called in to work the full week next week. Bad news is, I have to give up my chair by the window five days a week and actually do something I get paid for.

May I just say that this is my absolute favorite type of weather in Acton? Cool, not too windy, with clouds playing through the mountains. Each breath of air on my little hike around the neighborhood was like a peppermint landing on my tongue.

The hill behind our house is responding well to the rain. This was blackened by fire last March.

My foot wanted to get into the picture and show you the teensy purple flowers that are blooming on the hillside.

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