Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hanging Up the Bracelet - Monday 2/25/2008

I'm saying the strike is really over for me today, since it's the beginning of my first full week back at work.

I spent the weekend assessing how I deported myself during my 3 months of relative freedom.

What I didn't do:

-Completely clean and reorganize my writing studio
-Learn to play the guitar
-Sign up for a yoga class
-Make as much progress as I would have liked on my novel
-Keep the whole house tidy
-Become perfect

What I did do:

-Wrote almost every day
-Explored L.A. and L.A. County
-Visited my brother in Texas
-Networked with other writers
-Started a new blog of service to writers
-Took a lot of photos
-Cleaned a few drawers and cupboards out
-Substituted as a writing teacher and took a once-a-week job teaching writing at the same place
-Spent almost too much time online some days
-Did some research for myself
-Worked a little more to help my friend find an agent
-Appreciated my time and freedom

I very much enjoyed my extra free time, but I am also glad to be earning a full paycheck again, you bet! And some things were set in motion that will play out over the coming months.

Thanks to The American for the idea for this photo!

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