Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Loving L.A. - Saturday 2/23/2008

I would paint my house these colors if I thought the Homeowners Association (and maybe Hydra?) wouldn't flip out. This store on Pico Boulevard sells Oaxacan art. My mom's in Oaxaca right now. I adore the art from this area and am lucky enough to have some very nice pieces that either Mom brought me, or I found for myself when I went with her a few years ago.

We went to McCabe's guitar shop to have one of Hydra's guitars looked at, and John C. Reilly was also there. Looked like he was having a couple of instruments restored. He's taller and thinner than we thought he'd be. No one harassed him, which was great. Nice to know he has a real interest in music.

Why a photograph of a freeway tunnel in a post about loving L.A.? This is, as far as I know, a unique tunnel.

Naw, not because of it's design. Because of it's emotional atmosphere.

When we first moved to Acton, we used to park one of our cars in our old Sherman Oaks neighborhood overnight and do that part of our commutes together. (He went on to UCLA and I went on to Toluca Lake.)

Anyway, we crawled through this tunnel on any number of afternoons, and an unusual thing happens here. Happy honking!

Seriously! I'd forgotten about it until we went through it slowly a couple of weeks ago. Drivers honk their horns in this tunnel but not in anger. In solidarity! When it happened again recently, I saw people in other cars tapping their horns and grinning.

Short bursts, bits of rhythm...somehow it all stays friendly and you feel like you've just participated in a little demonstration of how we can all rise above a bad situation.

It makes me so happy.

Anyone know of any place else this happens?


Los Angelista said...

The honking really is quite unusual. It's funny how the smallest things give us a feeling of community.

Sundry said...

LA- It's such a kick every time I experience it. You're right...we're all just trying to connect!